Customer Service Charter

Customer Service

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) values the feedback from customers received through the customer service mailbox and these have been considered in the development of the:

  • Customer Charter 2024 - 2026,
  • Quality Customer Service Action Plan 2024 – 2026 and 
  • Managing Unreasonable Behaviour and Contacts.

Customer Charter 2024 - 2026

The DPC is committed to delivering a high standard of service delivery and this charter sets out the standard of service we aim to provide for you, our customer. As a customer, you may be either a data subject (i.e. an individual) or a data controller (an organisation that collects and controls personal data) or a data processor (an organisation carrying out a task involving the use of personal data, on behalf of a data controller) or a representative of one of these. As an organisation, we measure and evaluate our performance against these standards and we report on these each year in our Annual Report. We aim for a relationship with our customers that is characterised by courtesy, efficient and effective service delivery and the minimum of delay.

Contact the DPC

Should you wish to contact the DPC directly on a data protection related matter please see our 'How to Contact Us' page for current information on how to do so.

Quality Customer Service Action Plan 2024 - 2026

The Quality Customer Service Action Plan sets out the steps to be carried out to the end of 2026 to achieve the commitments set out in the Customer Charter.

Managing Unreasonable Behaviour and Contacts

The Customer Charter of the Data Protection Commission (DPC) reflects the mutual expectations of the DPC and its customers and seeks to ensure that our organisation conforms to the highest principles of professional public service. The Charter outlines the entitlements of individuals in their dealings with DPC staff. Equally, it outlines our expectation that people engaging with the DPC will be courteous, forthcoming, and respectful of our staff.