ARC Workshops

ARC Project workshops 

As part of its ongoing support of the SME sector, the DPC has pursued targeted engagement with sectoral SMEs in order to drive compliance and provided tailored advice on areas of difficulty. 
Since the commencement of the ARC project, the DPC has engaged with numerous representative bodies and groups, in order to ensure that the learnings of the ARC project are targeted at the appropriate stakeholders. The representative bodies include:

  •     ISME
  •     IBEC
  •     SFA Ireland
  •     Compliance Institute (formerly the ACOI)
  •     Pembroke Privacy
  •     Castelbridge
  •     McCann Fitzgerald
  •     Arthur Cox Law
  •     Future of Privacy Forum
  •     The Irish Hotels Federation
  •     Local Enterprise Offices
  •     Local Chambers of Commerce

Due to the restrictions in place due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all of the DPC’s workshop engagement with SMEs and their representative bodies were hosted online. 

Workshop topics include:

  •     Access requests;
  •     Records of Processing Activities;
  •     Creating a culture of Data Protection in the Workplace;
  •     Data Protection and Covid 19;
  •     Breaches and breach mitigations;
  •     Risk and harm; and
  •     Open questions sessions. 

For information relating to upcoming workshops and how to register your attendance, please email the All workshops are free to attend, but registration is essential.


ARC Project Workshops
ARC Project Workshops


The ARC Project has been co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizen Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).