Case Studies for the DPC

This page contains links to case studies that illustrate the work of the complaint handling units of the DPC and the approaches taken in relation to a range of issues concerning data protection.

The links contain case studies that have featured in our annual reports, arranged by year, and also new case studies that have not featured previously. These case studies provide an insight into some of the issues that the DPC examines on a day to day basis.

Please bear in mind that these case studies are short summaries that have been prepared to highlight particular topics. Of necessity, some details have been omitted. Every case that is examined by the DPC is handled in light of its own facts and circumstances.

Case Studies (Annual Report)

Case Studies

The DPC has produced a booklet that contains 126 of our case studies from the first five years of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The case studies have been broken down by category and indexed, making it easier to find relevant examples, and are a valuable reference tool when exploring how the DPC approaches complaints.

Download the full DPC Case Studies 2018 to 2023 booklet (PDF, 2.56mb). You can also download the booklet by clicking the image below.

The cover of the English language Case Studies booklet from 2018 to 2023