Five years of the GDPR - A spotlight on children's data podcast

25th May 2023

Today, the 25th May 2023 marks the fifth anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To mark the event, Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle chats with Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Dolan (Head of Children's Data Protection Policy) about the Data Protection Commission's (DPC) work in the area of children's data protection rights over the last five years and what is yet to come.

To listen to the podcast, click play below (MP3, 20:05mins)


Topics discussed include: 

  • How the GDPR was the first EU data protection law to devote special attention to the protection of personal data of children and the position of children as data subjects, as well as the establishment of the DPC Children's Policy Unit in 2018.

  • Detailed research and consultations undertaken by the Children's Policy Unit to create guidance on issues affecting children, which can be used by organisations as a roadmap for their processing activities.

  • The DPC's work in producing three short guides for children on data protection and their rights under the GDPR, a suite of guidance materials for parents on their children's data protection rights, as well as other awareness raising activities. 


Further information:

Guidance for organisations: 

Guidance for children:

Guidance for Parents: 

ISPCC Digital Services Hub videos on children's data protection:

The DPC's collaboration with the Irish Society for the Prevention Against Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) to produce a series of videos on children's data protection issues for the ISPCC's Digital Services Hub.