DPC correspondence with LIBE Committee

17th March 2021

The DPC contacted the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament (EP) in February and March 2021 on foot of the publication of two draft resolutions and connected amendments proposed for adoption by that Committee. These resolutions and proposed amendments were published in circumstances where the Committee directed significant criticism exclusively at the Irish Data Protection Commission and where the Committee’s information was both inaccurate and incomplete. Following reporting in this evening’s media of correspondence by third parties with the EP Committee which referenced the DPC’s correspondence with the Committee, the DPC has now published the full suite of the correspondence between the DPC and the Committee both as a means to facilitate responding to what is now a significant volume of media queries to the office and in order to provide context in terms of the media reports already published.

DPC letter to LIBE Committee 9.02.21

DPC letter to LIBE Committee 12.03.21

LIBE Committee email to DPC 15.03.21

DPC letter to LIBE Committee 16.03.21

LIBE Committee email to DPC 16.03.21

DPC email to LIBE Committee 16.03.21