DPC Ireland Regulatory Strategy: Draft for Consultation

23rd April 2021

In its Draft Regulatory Strategy for 2021-2026, the Irish Data Protection Commission sets out an ambitious vision for what it believes will be five crucial years in the evolution of data protection law, regulation and culture.

In developing this draft Strategy for stakeholder consultation, the DPC has been careful to give conscientious thought to the needs and insights of its stakeholders, the legislation under which it must regulate, the context in which it currently operates and the various future states for which it must prepare. It has also taken account of the academic theories that are emerging in respect of effective regulation and behavioural economics.

The breadth of the DPC’s regulatory remit cuts across all areas of personal and public life; both at national and international level. In order to develop a Regulatory Strategy that will provide effective direction for such a vast operational remit, the DPC has been careful to take careful account of the wider context in which it regulates, the needs of its diverse stakeholders and the evolving nature of the fast-paced and non-traditional sectors it regulates.

The Strategy is arranged according to fundamental goals, underpinned by the DPC’s mission, vision and values, which collectively contribute to the delivery of its strategic priorities. In putting this document out for consultation, the DPC wants to make sure it hears as many points of view as possible before committing to a definite course of action.

Read the DPC's draft Regulatory Strategy here: DPC Regulatory Strategy APRIL 2021 Public Consultation 

This draft of the Regulatory Strategy is published for the purpose of consulting with all stakeholders. All interested parties are invited to respond to this document by making submissions/ providing their observations and comments on this document to the DPC by 30 June 2021.

Any responses should be emailed to dpcstrategy@dataprotection.ie.

Alternatively, responses can be sent by post to the following address:

Data Protection Commission
Regulatory Strategy Consultation
21 Fitzwilliam Square South
D02 RD28