One-Stop-Shop Cross-Border Complaints Statistics Report to April 2023

18th May 2023

In the interests of accountability and transparency, in March 2022, the Data Protection Commission (DPC) published a report providing a detailed fact-based overview and statistical analysis of the DPC's handling of One-Stop-Shop (OSS) complaints in the period May 2018 to end 2021. 

This report updates the March 2022 publication with metrics and statistical analysis for the period from 25 May 2018 to 30 April 2023. The report provides an overview of the DPC’s cross-border complaint handling processes and the associated metrics, including the number of complaints received, numbers concluded, and outcomes achieved. For full context, the DPC has received over 22,000 complaints since the GDPR came into application of which over 20,000 have been concluded.

The report illustrates that:

  • 1,496 valid cross-border complaints have been received directly by the DPC; 1,293 (86%) as LSA and 203 (14%) as a CSA.


  • 790 (61%) cross-border complaints handled by the DPC as the LSA were originally lodged with another supervisory authority and transferred to the DPC.


  • 75% of all cross-border complaints handled by the DPC as the LSA since May 2018 have been concluded, with 92% of those received in 2018, 89% in 2019, 80% in 2020, 73% in 2021 and 25% in 2022 now concluded.


  • Of the 975 concluded cross-border complaints handled by the DPC as the LSA, 83% were resolved through amicable resolution in the interests of the complainant.


  • The DPC has submitted 246 complaint-based cases to the GDPR Article 60 cooperation process.


  • 22% of open cross-border complaints are linked to an inquiry and will be concluded on the finalisation of the inquiry. 


  • 87% of all cross-border complaints handled by the DPC as the LSA relate to 10 data controllers.


  • 49% of complaints transferred by the DPC to other EU/EEA LSAs (excluding the UK) have been concluded.


For more information, you can download the Data Protection Commission statistical report on the handling of One-Stop-Shop (OSS) cross-border complaints 25 May 2018 to 30 April 2023 (PDF, 1.62mb).