Nowak v. DPC (Notice Party: Chartered Accountants Ireland)

Record No.


Type of action and Venue

Statutory appeal, Court of Appeal

Date of Judgment Order

1 July 2020 (Written Judgment)


The Court of Appeal delivered a written judgment on 1 July 2020, refusing an appeal by Mr Nowak against an earlier judgment of the High Court in which the High Court had upheld a decision of the DPC to the effect that, in the context of a subject access request, Mr Nowak was entitled to obtain a copy only of his personal data, Mr Nowak having asserted that he was entitled to access his personal data in its original or raw form.

Subsequent to its judgment, the Court of Appeal delivered a written ruling on 27 July 2020 on the issue of costs, holding that Mr Nowak must pay the DPC’s costs of the appeal before the Court of Appeal. No order was made in respect of the costs of the courts below.

Separately, Mr Nowak applied to the Supreme Court for leave to bring a further appeal to that Court. That application was refused by written determination made by the Supreme Court on 16 December 2020.

Current Status of Case 

Proceedings concluded.


Nowak v DPC (NP- CAI)\The Court of Appeal Judgment Nowak v DPC (NP- CAI).pdf

Nowak v DPC (NP- CAI)\Ruling on Costs Nowak v DPC (NP- CAI).pdf

Nowak v DPC (NP- CAI)\Supreme Court Determination Nowak v DPC (NP- CAI).pdf