Send us your ideas: Data Protection Officers

02nd May 2019

This call for submissions is now closed while we process the submissions received. 


The Data Protection Commission wants to hear your thoughts about the DPO role.

May 25th, 2018 saw the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation and, among the many changes that brought, the role of Data Protection Officer has been one that has broken a fair bit of new ground for everyone concerned with ensuring good data protection practices in organisations today. The role of the DPO is an important one; its protections and responsibilities are written into the text of the GDPR itself, and the European Data Protection Board, the Irish DPC and many of our peer DPAs have issued guidance designed to help organisations who need a DPO to make good choices about the kind of candidate they want to fill that function for them.

As we approach the first anniversary of the GDPR’s implementation, the DPC wants to hear from DPOs informally on their ideas and experiences. 

The DPC plans to establish a Data Protection Officer Network in 2019, to facilitate the sharing of good practice and lessons-learned through peer-to-peer DPO support. We want to create a climate that allows relationships to build and knowledge to be shared, and in turn improve compliance and data protection outcomes for everyone. 

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the DPO role.

Tell us about your experiences, the opportunities you have to engage with other DPOs, the kind of resources that you use day-to-day and the topics that reoccur. How do you think the Data Protection Commission can support the DPO role? Is there one single idea you have that would make the DPO role more effective? 

While we want to hear in particular from individuals who are actively serving as DPOs, anyone who wants to share their ideas around the DPO role is welcome to do so. Emails can be submitted to, or if you’d rather reach out to us through twitter, we are @DPCIreland. Closing date is 17 May 2019.