Scott v. DPC - October 2020

Record No.

2019/718 JR

Type of action and Venue

Judicial review, High Court

Date of Judgment Order

13 October 2020 (Final Order)


By Order of 13 October 2020, made with the consent of the parties, the High Court struck out judicial review proceedings brought by Ms Scott under High Court Record No. 2019/718 JR, the DPC having earlier delivered a decision in respect of a particular complaint filed by the Applicant. (In her judicial review proceedings, Ms Scott sought an order compelling the delivery of the decision in question).

Costs were awarded to Ms Scott.

The decision delivered by the DPC is presently the subject of a (separate) statutory appeal brought by Ms Scott in Dublin Circuit Court. That appeal has not yet come on for hearing.

Current Status of Case 

Proceedings complete.