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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 25/11/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
12761/A DP Sleepless Server Solutions
15560/A DC Sligo Anaesthesia Associates
14219/A DC Sligo Clinic
0322/A DC+DP Sligo County Council
2040/A DC Sligo Credit Union Limited
11402/A DC Sligo Karo
15698/A DC Slim Food Limited (Pure Pharmacy)
12333/A DC Sm Orthopaedics trading as Seamus Morris Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
12807/A DP Small World Consulting t/a Idiro Technologies
11182/A DP Smartsimple software Ireland limited
14568/A DC Smile Store Partnership Ltd (Bence Kadar, Aniko Fazekas, Peter Csurja)
13928/A DP Smith & Branigan Ltd
13720/A DC Smith & Williamson Investment Management
13719/A DC Smith & Williamson Investment Services Limited
12794/A DC Smith & Williamson Pensioneer Trustee Limited
10166/A DC Smith, Valerie
7919/A DC+DP SMT Fund Services (Ireland) Limited ("SMTFSIL")
11711/A DC+DP Snipp Interactive Limited
10441/A DC Société d'Assurances Générales Appliquées (SAGA) Limited
10151/A DC Société Générale Dublin Branch
13357/A DC Societe Generale Securities Services SGSS (Ireland) Limited
8040/A DP SoftCo Limited
6795/A DP Softcom (Ireland) Ltd
4455/A DP Soft-Ex Communications Limited
0232/A DP SOLAS - An tSeirbhís Oideachais Leanúnaigh Scileanna
13883/A DC Solas Physiotherapy
15084/A DC Solvotrin Therapeutics Limited
14084/A DP SoMoMed Ltd T/a Assesspatients
12805/A DP Sooner than later Solutions Ltd
13709/A DC SOPI Ballincollig Limited T/A Walsh's Allcare Pharmacy
13714/A DC SOPI Blarney Limited T/A Walsh's Allcare Pharmacy
13277/A DC SOPI Carrigaline Ltd t/a Martin Walsh Allcare Pharmacy
7692/A DC SOPI Cashel Ltd T/A Friary Pharmacy
12899/A DC SOPI Dillons Cross Ltd
12830/A DC SOPI Macroom Limited t/a Walsh's Pharmacy Macroom
14239/A DC SOPI Midleton Limited T/A Walsh's Pharmacy
13276/A DC SOPI Midleton NB Ltd
13201/A DC SOPI ODC Limited t/a ODC Chemists
13707/A DC SOPI The Lough Limited T/A Walsh's Allcare Pharmacy
13713/A DC SOPI Thurles Limited T/A Friary Allcare Pharmacy
13715/A DC SOPI Youghal Limited T/A Walsh's Pharmacy
0399/C DC South Dublin County Council
2241/A DC South Infirmary Victoria - University Hospital Limited
11453/A DC South Link Road Pharmacy Ltd
13798/A DP South West Community Intervention Teams ltd
10926/A DC+DP South West Doctors on Call Limited t/a Southdoc
1071/A DC Southcrest Ltd (Pharmacy)
10974/A DC SouthDoc Services Limited
12754/A DP Southern Investigation Services Limited
9084/A DC Southside Pharmacy Limited
11019/A DP Southwestern Business Process Services Ltd
8060/A DC Special EU Programmes Body
15164/A DC Specialist Medical Care Services Ltd
14108/A DP Specialist Mortgage Services Ireland Limited
13807/A DC Spectrum Health
14717/A DC Speech Therapy Direct _ Coffey Kristine, Connors Elaine
6831/A DC Spiritan Asylum Services Initiative (Spirasi)
15138/A DC Sport Lo Mo Ltd
10343/A DC Sports Surgery Clinic
9218/A DC Springboard Funding No.1 Limited
9219/A DC Springboard Mortgages Limited
1161/A DC Springfield Medicare Ltd
4585/A DC Springkeel Ltd
10756/A DC Squadron Reinsurance Ltd
11687/A DC Squaremile Financial Consultants Ltd
13592/A DC Squires Gary
14777/A DP SR ASH Ltd t/a Synchro Retail Ashbourne
13994/A DP SR AtHL Limited
13996/A DP SR ATHY Limited
14778/A DP SR Bray Ltd t/a synchro Retail Crumlin
13059/A DP SR Car Ltd
13995/A DP SR CLO Limited
14775/A DP SR Enn Ltd t/a Synchro Retail Ennis
14776/A DP SR Kill Ltd t/a Synchro Retail Thurles
14780/A DP SR NEWR Ltd t/a Synchro Retail Clondalkin
11467/A DC sraidbhaile pharmacy limited t/a stradbally pharmacy
1329/A DC SSGA Ireland Unit Trust Management Limited
0096/A DC+DP St Agnes Credit Union
1968/A DC St Ailbes Credit Union Limited
0652/A DC St Anthony's & Claddagh Cr Union
13033/A DC St Anthony's Medical Clinic
1277/A DC St Bernadette's Credit Union Ltd
2713/A DC St Brendan's (Ballygar) Credit Union Ltd
0657/A DC St Brigid's Credit Union Ltd
0100/A DC St Canice's Kilkenny Credit Union
0653/A DC St Colman's Credit Union Ltd
0655/A DC St Colmcilles (Kells) Credit Union Ltd
0064/A DC St Columba's Credit Union Ltd
0607/A DC St Declan's Ashbourne Cr Union Ltd
0114/A DC St Dominic Credit Union
2154/A DC St Finbarr's South Credit Union Limited
0115/A DC St Francis Credit Union Ltd
15163/A DC St Francis Hospice, Pharmacy Depts
14643/A DC St Francis Private Hospital
0543/A DC St James's Hospital
2090/A DC St Jarlath's Credit Union Limited
1999/A DC St Josephs Credit Union
0253/A DC St Josephs Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union Ltd
1955/A DC St Kevin's Parish Credit Union Ltd.
2053/A DC St Lelia's Credit Union Limited

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