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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 25/11/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
13823/A DP Michael Mulligan Limited T/A Mulligan Accident Investigations
15297/A DC Michael Murphy
8841/A DP Michael Murphy
13396/A DP Michael Murphy t/a Michael Murphy
8007/A DP Michael O' Grady & Co.
14771/A DP Michael O' Sullivan
7725/A DC Michael O'Hea, Fiona O'Hanlon
13404/A DP Michael O'Malley
9170/A DC Michael O'Shaughnessy
14552/A DP Michael O'Sullivan
13366/A DC Michael P Corcoran Dental surgeon
12904/A DP Michael Page International (Ireland) Ltd
6773/A DC Michael Pegum
14385/A DP Michael Riordan
11382/A DP Michael Ryan
13830/A DC Michael Seamus Sean Reilly
13953/A DC Michael Spillane
14930/A DP Michael Staunton T/a Michael Staunton Independent Contractor
14190/A DC Michaela Sheehan
4463/A DC Michelle Concannon
15795/A DC Michelle Rivera, Occupational Therapist Star Occupational Therapy Services
15067/A DP Mick Beston
15248/A DP Mick Brosnan
13397/A DP Mick Hyland
13118/A DP Mick O'Dowd
13878/A DC+DP Mid West Physiotherapy
10447/A DC Mid Western Radiology Group
14222/A DP Midland Computers Ltd
12443/A DP Midland Investigations
15652/A DC Midlands Pharmacy Ltd T/A Concannons Pharmacy
0815/A DC Midleton Credit Union Ltd
10216/A DC Midleton Medical Centre (Dr Colin Healy, Dr Donal Mulvihill)
13525/A DP MIDRSS Ltd T/A Medical Imaging
13333/A DP Mike Hynes
13097/A DP Mike Kerrins
14544/A DC Milestone Advisory Ltd t/a Milestone Advisory
2633/A DC Milford Care Centre
15668/A DC Mill Street Medical Centre
4003/A DC Millbrook Medical Centre
12224/A DC Millstreet Parish Credit Union
12249/A DC Milltown (Kerry) Credit Union Ltd
1438/A DC Milltown Clonskea Credit Union Ltd
10107/A DC Milltown Pharmacy Ltd
11023/A DP Mint Funding Limited
15295/A DC MiPhysio
15314/A DC MiPhysio
15732/A DP MIR Online Reports Ltd
14062/A DC Miranda Moran
4570/A DC Miriam Collins
14715/A DC Miriam Grady
8651/A DC Miriam Leech
11157/A DC+DP Miriam Verling
7362/A DC Miripro Insurance Company Limited
13503/A DP Mis Systems & Consultancy Ltd / my IT Department
13101/A DP Miss Heather Davidson
2692/A DC Mistylan Limited
14319/A DC Mistymorn Limited t/a Douglas Allcare Pharmacy
15079/A DC Mitsubishi UJF Global Custody S.A Dublin Branch
5318/A DC Mizen Medical Practice,Dr Brian J O'Connell,Dr Helen Finlay
12305/A DC MK Flynn's Pharmacy Ltd t/a Flynn's Medical Hall
14291/A DC MK Pharma Health t/a Slevin's Pharmacy
15674/A DP MLC Management Limited
12871/A DC+DP MMC Children Services also t/a MMC Solis Children Services
2924/A DC Moate Medical Centre (Drs Michael Curran, Dr Gerard Lynch, Dr Fiona Lee
15626/A DP Mobeo Ltd T/A MOBEO
15147/A DC Mobile Metrix Limited
10478/A DP Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd
5302/A DC Mohill Credit Union Ltd
12981/A DP Moira McQuaid T/a Up N Away
14612/A DC Mole scan Clinic Limited
2412/A DC Molloys Pharmacy Ltd
13817/A DC Mona Sayegh
0212/A DC+DP Monaghan County Council
0137/A DC Monaghan Credit Union Ltd
14142/A DC Monaghan's Pharmacy Ltd t/a Mary Street Pharmacy
2702/A DC Monaleen Parish Credit Union Ltd
7468/A DP Monalin Management Services Ltd
0091/A DC Monasterboice Credit Union
1932/A DC Monasterevan Credit Union Limited
14250/A DC Monasterevin Pharmacy Limited
12637/A DP Mondial Assistance Ireland Limited
4507/A DC+DP Monex Financial Services Ltd
13203/A DC Moneyvillage Ltd
15225/A DC Monika Lamowska
1084/A DC Monkstown Pharmacy
14028/A DC Monkstown Physiotherapy Clinic - Sharon Kelly & Avril Craig
0767/A DC Montekin Ltd (Pharmacy)
15758/A DC Montlake QIAIF Platform ICAV
11827/A DC Moore and Moore Partners Ltd
8591/A DC Moorefield Pharmacy Limited
11356/A DC Moore's Chemist Ltd T/A Your Local Pharmacy
12209/A DP Moqom Limited
10152/A DC Moran J, Gorman M, and Harrington M
0751/A DC Moran's Pharmacy (Clifden) Limited
14071/A DP More Fresh Thought Limited
8891/A DP Morgan Stanley Fund Services( Ireland ) Limited.
12320/A DC Morrissey's Pharmacy Tullow Ltd
14414/A DP Mossey Coffey
15197/A DP Mossie O'Donnell

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