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Registry Details for 'Ombudsman for Children's Office'

Company Name: Ombudsman for Children's Office
Ref Number: 7901/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Millenium House 52-56 Great Strand Street Dublin 1
Contact: Ombudsman for Children
Purpose: The Ombudsman for Children''s Office (OCO) is an independent statutory body, which was established under the Ombudsman for Children Act 2002 (as amended). The Ombudsman for Children''s two overall statutory functions are 1) to promote the rights and welfare of children up to 18 years of age and 2) to examine and investigate complaints made by or for children in relation to the administrative actions of public bodies, schools and voluntary hospitals which have or may have adversely affected a child. The Ombudsman for Children''s positive obligations in relation to her/his statutory function to promote children''s rights and welfare include: to advise Ministers of Government on the development and coordination of policy relating children; to encourage the development of policies, practices and procedures that promote children''s rights and welfare; to promote awareness, including among children, of matters relating to children''s rights and welfare; to monitor and review the operation of legislation concerning matters relating to children''s rights and welfare; to consult with children and to highlight issues relating to children''s rights and welfare that are of concern to children themselves; and to advise Ministers of Government on any matter, including developments in legislation, relating to children''s rights and welfare. The Ombudsman for Children may also undertake, promote or publish research on matters relating to children''s rights and welfare.
Continuation Due Date: 16/02/2019
Description: Complaints and Investigations: Names and contact details of children/ complainants/persons in public bodies. Dates of birth where relevant. Details and documentary information regarding the complaint and the child/family involved, which may include special categories of data. This information is collected and processed for the purposes and in the context of discharging the OCO's statutory function to examine and investigate complaints. Promoting children's rights and welfare: Personal data relating to children/young people, parents/guardians, other members of the public and professionals, including, as necessary and appropriate, names, contact details, photographs, images, and/or video/audio recordings. On occasion, data collected and processed may include special categories of personal data.Communications: Names and contact details of individuals contacting the OCO for business purposes, including journalists and regarding media enquiries. Photographs/images, video recordings and audio clips may be used on the OCO's websites and social media accounts.Corporate Services: Names and contact bank details of suppliers. Personnel details (names, contact details, date of birth, next of kin, attendance records, sick / maternity / annual leave, salary records of staff, bank account information, taxation data). Details of job applicants. Individuals captured by CCTV systems used for crime prevention.
Disclosees: Complaints and Investigations: Public bodies, schools or voluntary hospitals under investigation and, where the complainant is under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian, family member. Promoting children''s rights and welfare: Personal data, including anonymised special categories of personal data, may be disclosed in outputs (publications) arising from the OCO discharging its statutory function to promote children''s rights and welfare. Communications: Personal data (including names, photos/images, video/audio) disclosed to print, website design/management, and social media account providers and through corresponding OCO publications, websites and social media accounts, as appropriate.Corporate Services: Selected personnel records of staff may be disclosed to other Government Departments in relation to mobility / promotion / statistical purposes. Personal details of staff are disclosed to and retained by the OCO''s accountants for payroll and auditing purposes. Banks and Revenue.
Transfers Abroad: Yes
Social media accounts may be held abroad.