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Registry Details for 'The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland'

Company Name: The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Ref Number: 4007/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: PSI House 15 - 19 Fenian Street Dublin 2 D02TD72
Contact: The Registrar/Chief Officer
Purpose: Under section 7 of the Pharmacy Act 2007 the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland is responsible for regulating the profession of pharmacy in the State having regard to the need to protect, maintain and promote the health and safety of the public. The execution of the duties and responsibilities for the protection of public health and welfare are conferred on the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and its Executive by the Pharmacy Act 2007 and the regulations made by the Minister for Health and by the PSI pursuant to this Act. In accordance with the 2007 Act the PSI''s core functions are to:(a) maintain and publish the statutory registers of pharmacists, druggists, pharmaceutical assistants and retail pharmacy businesses, (b) approve and keep under review programmes of education, training and professional experience leading to qualification as a pharmacist in the State, and continuing professional development for pharmacists registered in Ireland , (c) recognise pharmacist qualifications obtained outside the State, (d) register all retail pharmacy businesses and regulate the operation of pharmacies including the conduct of inspections and investigations of retail pharmacy businesses and the prosecution of breaches of medicines and pharmacy law, (e) review complaints and conduct inquiries into complaints made against pharmacists and pharmacy owners into their fitness to practise for alleged breaches of the law, code of conduct etc in accordance with the Act, the findings of which may result in the imposition of sanctions or prosecution, (f) the provision of information to pharmacists, pharmacy profession, pharmacy owners, patients and other authorities and bodies
Continuation Due Date: 30/07/2018
Description: Entry on each person on any of the registers of the PSI: 1. Registrants' personal information, for example name, address, including practice address or place of employment, gender, phone number, mobile number, email address, date of birth, nationality. 2. Information pertaining to registrants' registration with the PSI - registration number, current status, date of registration, record of fees paid, employment details, details of registration with other registration authorities, details of fitness to be registered including criminal convictions, bankruptcy, health issues, complaints, professional sanctions. 3. Information pertaining to registrants' education or qualification recognition - country where qualification obtained, details of formal qualification, school of pharmacy attended, route of application for registration, details of practical training undertaken, details of Tutor Pharmacists, details of pharmacy education and CPD undertaken, details of previous practice experience prior to registering, 4. Information pertaining to registrants' employment in the capacity for which they are registered - Area of Practice, current and previous employers, position held in each employment, start date, working hours (e.g. part-time, full-time, locum etc). 5. Information pertaining to the registration of a retail pharmacy business: including the names and address of the pharmacy owners or shareholders, names, registration numbers and addresses of the supervising and superintendent pharmacists.6. Information from pharmacists/pharmacies in the course of inspections/investigations eg patient information and prescriptions.7. Information pertaining to complaints including complainants' and pharmacists'/pharmacy owners' personal information for example, name, address, email, phone number and, where applicable, sensitive personal information outlined in a complaint or disclosed as part of a review of a complaint,8. Payroll and HR Data relating to staff, contractors and agency staff. 9. Supplier data in relation to provision of services or products eg tax clearance certificate numbers and bank details 10. Records from CCTV in public areas of PSI building/grounds for security/health and safety purposes. 11. Personal details of PSI Council and Committee members eg name, address, etc
Disclosees: Disclosures(a) The Registers of Pharmacists, Druggists, Pharmaceutical Assistants and Retail Pharmacy Businesses must be published on the internet pursuant to s13(2) of the Pharmacy Act 2007. The information contained on the public Registers of Pharmacists, Druggists and Pharmaceutical Assistants is: name, registration number, date of first registration and date of most recent continued registration, practice address and registration status. In the case of the public Register of Retail Pharmacy businesses: registration number, trading name, address, owner name, name of superintendent and supervising pharmacist, telephone number
(b) Fitness to practise information to pharmacists, complainants and their legal teams
(c) Persons themselves to verify accuracy of records
(d) Contact information of pharmacists may be provided to persons or bodies engaged in academic research for the advancement of pharmacy practice/healthcare in the public interest
(e) Bodies or persons for the purpose of professional education and development including the Schools of Pharmacy in Ireland and the operator of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP)
(f) Persons or agencies to whom disclosure is adjudged necessary in the interests of protecting public health and welfare, including employers of pharmacists, the Department of Health; the Health Service Executive; Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)
(g) Contact information of pharmacists may be provided to candidates seeking election to the Council of the PSI, for the purposes of seeking support for their election
(h) Relevant elements of employee/contractor/supplier data may be disclosed to tax/social welfare authorities as required by law
(i) Employment references may be provided to other organisations on request
Transfers Abroad: Yes
Details of pharmacist qualifications, professional status and fitness to be registered (restrictions and prohibitions) are transferred to registration authorities in all countries for the purposes of confirmation of professional qualifications and status