Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Acenden Limited'

Company Name: Acenden Limited
Ref Number: 11092/A
Reg Type: DP
Company Address: c/o Colin Rooney, Arthur Cox Earlsfort Centre Earlsfort Terrace Dublin 2
Contact: OlivaJoyce
Purpose: Acenden Limited ('Acenden') is a third party mortgage administrator that services mortgages owned by its lender/loan owner clients in Ireland. Acenden will control and process personal data of its employees in order to maintain HR and payroll records. Acenden will also process personal data relating to the customers of its lender/loan owner (data controller) clients for the purpose of administering their mortgages.
Continuation Due Date: 06/10/2018
Description: 1. HR recordsFor employees: forename, middle name and surname;address;date of birth;telephone number;bank account details;Emergency contact/next of kin details;NI/PRSI Number;email address;copy of employee passport;absence/sickness records; andancillary information (e.g. nationality, salary, gender, job title, start date, disciplinary record, training record).2. Mortgage AdministrationFor customers: forename, middle name and surname; address;telephone number
(s);mortgage account number;date of birth;occupation details;bank account details; andancillary information (e.g. nationality, salary, gender, number of dependents)
Disclosees: Application 1: Mortgage Payments,Disclosees 1: Electronic payment facilitator;Application 2: IT System Upgrades / Maintenance, Disclosees 2: IT service suppliers;Application 3: Credit Scoring, Disclosees 3: Credit reference agency;Application 4: Data Protection Complaints, Disclosees 4: Data Protection Commissioner''s office; Application 5: Regulatory Disclosures, Disclosees 5: Central Bank of Ireland; Application 6: Third Party Service Providers, Disclosees 6: Group companies and external service providers, such as group function providers (e.g. legal compliance, internal audit and risk), third party document storage providers and automated letter printers.
Transfers Abroad: yes
Worldwide - Particularly USA, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, UK and Russia.