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Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'An Bord Bia'

Company Name: An Bord Bia
Ref Number: 0679/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Clanwilliam Court Lower Mount Street Dublin 2
Contact: Secretary/Director Corporate Services
Purpose: Bord Bia is a Government body established by An Bord Bia Acts 1994 to 2004.The Acts state that "the functions of the Board shall be to promote, assist and develop in any manner which the Board considers necessary or desirable the marketing of Irish food and livestock and the production, marketing and consumption of horticultural produce."
Continuation Due Date: 06/05/2018
Description: Employees (Payroll, personnel), executives within companies (levy control, customer accounts & Marketing Data); contacts within or individuals operating as processors or producers, growers (crop types, acreage)and consumers (promotions).
Disclosees: Pension, legal and payroll service providers. Finance, Human Resource, IT and other staff according to their roles. Market Researchers, Publishing Houses.Consultants. IT Consultants including WEB designers.Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine . Some other Government Bodies.
Transfers Abroad: N/A