Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'GE Capital Woodchester Ltd T/A GE Money'

Company Name: GE Capital Woodchester Ltd T/A GE Money
Ref Number: 0495/A
Reg Type: DC+DP
Company Address: 31-36 Golden Lane Dublin 8
Contact: Yuko Fujio
Purpose: For the provision of financial and related services and the administration of GE Capital Woodchester Ltd T/A GE Money, 31-36 Golden Lane, Dublin 8.
Continuation Due Date: 30/05/2018
Description: (1) Lease and loans receivables system and (2) ARMCustomer name, address, age, occupation, history of account, related accounts, account profile and record of all contact with subject, including information provided by the subject
Disclosees: ICB Subjects family/legal advisor/Insurers/dealers/intermediaries/other third parties with the subjects consent.Cognisant; TATA Consultancy Services; Bank of Ireland;Office of Revenue Commissioners ; Teminos; Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) Ltd T/A Pepper Asset Servicing; Wincanton Ireland Ltd T/A Wincanton Records Management
Transfers Abroad: Yes