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Data Protection Commission

Registry Details for 'Dublin City Council'

Company Name: Dublin City Council
Ref Number: 0483/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Corporate Services Department Wood Quay Civic Offices Dublin 8
Contact: MartinO'Halloran
Purpose: The provision and administration of local government services.
Continuation Due Date: 07/10/2018
Description: Casual Trading Licences Contact details, PPSN.Claims (Personal Injury) Contact details, health detailsControl of horses, customer complaints, dog licences, Electoral Register, Freedom of Information, ground rents, housing maintenance, landlord registry(PRD) legal proceedings, library service, parking permits, planning applications, planning control (enforcement), taxi/hackney licences, Customer Relations Management Systems (CRM) Contact detailsCreditor Payments, Rates Contact/financial details Higher Education Grants Contact/income details/PPSNHousing Allocations/Loans/Rents Contact/income/bank/financial details/ health details/ PPSN/ housing status and family information/ Disability information/criminal convictions Motor Taxation and Vehicle Registration Contact/bank detailsPersonnel (HR) Payroll Contact/income bank/credit card/financial details, PPSN, disability details
Disclosees: Data subjects or persons acting for them, Lord Mayor and Councillors of the Council, public representatives, press, current, past or potential employers of subjects, legal and professional advisors of the Council, computer maintenance personnel, banks, other local authorities, Health Boards, credit unions, VHI, government departments and agencies, insurance companies, local government computer services board, building societies,other party in joint housing loan/tenancy, ESB,, An Post, An Bord Gas, CIE and its subsidiaries and other similar type organisations dealing with public liability claims, trade unions, representative tenant associations, Voluntary Housing Bodies.Irish Water, Eircom
Transfers Abroad: No