Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'ACC Loan Management Limited'

Company Name: ACC Loan Management Limited
Ref Number: 0314/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Charlemont Place Dublin 2
Contact: Lorcan Mcloughlin
Purpose: Company engaged in the provision of loan management services and related ancillary activities, provision of insurance intermediary services and related services. Personal data held for employment of staff (including HR database), pension and health insurance purposes (including death benefit) and for the purposes of Company benefits. Customer data held for AML client identification procedures.
Continuation Due Date: 24/05/2018
Description: Account holder information - Normal loan management-customer details: name, address, date and place of birth, marital status, nationality, PPSN, occupation, telephone number, e mail address, salary, mortgage repayment, number of dependants, previous address, time with employer, time at address, salary frequency, date mandated and other borrowings or savings. Applicants for other loan management services, insurance services, property management, customers for whom the Company acts or has acted as a Bank and/or insurance intermediary. Customer account transactions and copy documentation required to fulfil our anti money laundering obligations which are held on file and may contain some additional information in relation to customers. Data is also held for direct marketing purposes. Human Resource Details: name, address, date of birth, references, CVs, copy passports, PPS number, salary, bank account details, medical certificates, performance appraisals, pre-employment medical reports, staff ID numbers. Pension, life and health insurance (including death benefit) Name, address, dates of birth, dependants. Company Benefits: driving licence, driving history details, motor insurance details and certain club memberships. All above applications outsourced to third parties; Electronic Voice Recording of telephones for business purposes. In addition to personal account holder information, data collected for business accounts includes; company details, company directors, shareholders, beneficial owner's personal details (name, address, occupation, date of birth). Prevention and detection of fraud; Provision of data controller/data processing services to third parties. Processing of personal data, including sensitive personal data, in connection with confidential or anonymous reports of alleged wrong doing/offences. CCTV images for security purposes.Personal data relating to consultants and suppliers of trades and services.
Disclosees: Credit reference agencies, external taxation and accounting consultants, business structure and development consultants, pension fund managers and external human resource consultants. External Brokers and Health and Motor Insurers. Purchasing consultants, facility services providers, project management contractors, training consultants, employment reference/background check agencies, direct marketing firms, subsidiaries of ACC Loan Management Limited (the "Company"), the Company''s parent company and companies for which that company is also their parent, insurance companies on behalf of which the Company acts as insurance intermediary, union representatives, Bank of Ireland, Capita Asset Services (Ireland) Limited, IT outsource and/or other contractors, document management agency, cheque printing company, statement/demand printing company, correspondence printing company, customer data relating to third parties, data storage, destruction and shredding company, mortgage brokers, the Central Bank of Ireland, and other regulatory and/or other authorities or bodies to whom the Company is obliged or required to disclose information including the Gardaí, the Revenue Commissioners (including US Internal Revenue Service), Government Agencies, the Labour Relations Commission and The Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Company''s legal and financial advisors, potential purchasers, part purchasers or others who may from time to time become involved in discussions relating to the ownership of the Company and their respective advisors and advisors to the Company in such circumstances. External security consultants, debt recovery and tracing agents, including private detective agencies and auditors. Internal authorised persons with legitimate reason.
Transfers Abroad: Yes
Only occasionally, personal data is transferred to other Rabobank offices (both EU and non EU) concerning HR matters and employee secondments. Personal data will be transferred to the U.S. Internal Revenue Services where the Company is legally required to do so to meet its legal obligations.