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Registry Details for 'SOLAS - An tSeirbhís Oideachais Leanúnaigh Scileanna'

Company Name: SOLAS - An tSeirbhís Oideachais Leanúnaigh Scileanna
Ref Number: 0232/A
Reg Type: DP
Company Address: Castleforbes House Castleforbes Road Dublin 1
Contact: Manager Legal Services
Purpose: SOLAS is responsible for funding, planning and co-ordinating further education and training programmes (FET). SOLAS also manages the Apprenticeship programme and Safe Pass & Construction/Quarry Skills Certification Scheme. Additional Purpose - management of personal data received for European Global Fund (EGF) and European Social Fund (ESF) programme purposes
Continuation Due Date: 07/11/2018
Description: Personal data is retained, on a number of IT systems, to support client training and apprentices, such as name, contact details including parent/guardian details, date of birth, gender, PPS number, racial ethnic or national origin, work permit details, disability status, attendance records and absenteeism, education plus training details, social welfare records, qualifications record, employment history including employer's name & contact details, redundancy details, placement particulars, household data for statistical purposes, financial/payment details including funding and registration records.Safe Pass and Construction/Quarry Skills Certification scheme retain personal data relating to clients and tutors who provide the training including PPS numbers, relevant names, contact details, nationality, gender, date of birth, training details, expiry dates, registration numbers, company or solo trader names & contact details, qualifications record and financial details.Employee personal data includes name, contact details, date of birth, PPS number, marital/family status, disability, gender, nationality/ethnicity, next of kin, union membership, education and training details including qualifications, previous employment history, all leave records, pension details and contributions, car model & registration number, salary history plus pay deductions, financial details, medical records, attendance records including flexi time and career details such as promotions/job applications.Some services are contracted and may include personal data such as name, contact details, education & qualifications, tax details, photos, IP addresses, bank details and payment records.Other IT systems such as the representations recording systems, FOI/Data Protection database, Certificate of Experience database, complaints database and insurance/legal records may contain personal data such as the data listed above as deemed relevant.
Disclosees: Department of Education & Skills, Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection, Revenue Commissioners, Labour Court, Educations & Training Boards, Insurance companies, Trade Unions, Financial Institutions, Employment Appeals Tribunal, State Claims Agency, Employers, Legal Advisors, Staff Associations, Colleges, QQI/FETAC, EU Institutions e.g. European Commission, Auditors, IBM India, Pension administrators and contracted training companies.
Transfers Abroad: Yes.
EGF and ESF data shared with European Commission as funding is provided by the EU. This data is soon to be recorded on the eCohesion System under the Department of Education & Skills. Occasionally it is necessary to transfer SAP data to computer software support personnel in India.