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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 27/07/2016)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
14805/A DP Trigraph Profession Services Ltd t/a Trigraph Professional Training
1405/A DC Trim Pharmacy Ltd
11671/A DC Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing
9956/A DC Trinity Chambers Pharmacy Ltd t/a South Terrace Pharmacy
11087/A DC Trinity College Dublin - TILDA (The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing)
0666/A DC Trinity Credit Union
11780/A DP Trinity Fund Administration Limited t/a Trinity Fund Administration Limited
10182/A DC Trinity Pharmacy (Westland Row) Limited
14876/A DP Triton Claims t/a Triton Global Claims Ireland Limited
15873/A DC Trustee Principles Ltd
15165/A DC Tsvetkova Adriana T/A Physiotherapy and Bio-energy Clinic
15299/A DP TTM Healtcare Limited
12048/A DP Tuam Community Training Centre Ltd t/a Training Workshop
13677/A DC Tuam Dentistry
12222/A DC Tubbercurry & District Credit Union
12578/A DP Tudor Trust Limited
1082/A DC Tulla Pharmacy Ltd
0668/A DC+DP Tullamore Credit Union Ltd
15961/A DC Tullamore Pharmacy (Arden Rd) Ltd
9164/A DC Tullig Medical Centre - Dr. Patrick Casey - Dr Michael Casey.
1648/A DC Tullow Credit Union Ltd
12994/A DC Tullyallen Medical Centre Dr. Paul O'Connor & Dr. Aymie Callaghan
2081/A DC Tullycross Credit Union
4564/A DC Tullys Pharmacy (Castlerea) Ltd
8328/A DC Turas Counselling Services Ltd
15329/A DP Turas Nua Limited T/A Turas Nua
7964/A DC Turloughmore Health Centre
15268/A DC Turnadot Limited
7078/A DC Turners Cross Medical Centre (Dr Jerome P. Murphy, Dr. Maria Mc Laughlin,Dr Hilary Shallow,Dr Grainne OSullivan)
12933/A DC Turning Point
15953/A DC+DP Twilio Ireland Limited
11917/A DP Type4You Limited
16327/A DP Typecraft Ltd
10906/A DC Tyre Reinsurance (Ireland) DAC
13599/A DC UAE Exchange UK Ltd
11033/A DC UBP Asset Management v(Ireland) Limited
5817/A DC UBS International Life Ltd
11161/A DP Uk General Administration Services (Ireland) Ltd
11124/A DC UK General Insurance (Ireland) LTD
15693/A DC UK Mortgages Corporate Funding DAC
0197/A DC+DP Ulster Bank Commercial Services Ltd
1866/A DP Ulster Bank Dublin Trust Company
4747/A DC+DP Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd.
10990/A DC Ulster Bank Wealth
14490/A DP Ultan Technologies Limited
1872/A DC Ultrapark Ltd
13684/A DC Una Burke
8384/A DC UniCredit Bank Ireland p.l.c.
16367/A DC Union Heritage Life Assurance Company Limited
14611/A DC Union Quay Medical Centre
12379/A DC UnipolRe Limited
10778/A DC Unisave Pharmacy Limited
12291/A DC Unitec IT Solutions Ltd
15731/A DC United Beverages Pension Trustees Limited
13727/A DP United Drug Supply Chain Services T/A United Drug
15597/A DP United Lanague Group
14113/A DP Unity Co-Operative Society Ltd
9178/A DC University Hospital Radiology Group
12461/A DC Unshin Pharm Limited t/a Riverstown Pharmacy
14515/A DP Upex Limited
5722/A DC+DP UPS International Insurance Ltd
10810/A DC UR Health Limited T/A Cahills Pharmacy
14610/A DC Urcher Stores Ltd - McNallys Pharmacy365
2754/A DC Urological Surgery
11342/A DP Valant Limited t/a Kendlebell Naas
14307/A DP Valcon Consultancy Ltd
9439/A DP Valentia Technologies Ltd
7364/A DC Valiant Insurance Company DAC
15929/A DC Valorlife Life Insurance Limited
0422/A DC Valuation Office
6043/A DC Valuation Tribunal
13340/A DC Vanguard Auto Finance Limited
10393/A DC Vanguard Group (Ireland) Limited
13342/A DC Vanguard Property Finance Limited
16080/A DP Vault Secure Data Management Ltd
13478/A DP Vector Workplace and Facility Management Limited T/A Aramark Workplace Solutions
15564/A DP Vendor Finance Ireland Limited T/A Asset Finance Ireland
0975/A DC+DP Verisk Intelligence Ireland Limited
15753/A DP Veritas Storage (Ireland) Limited T/A Veritas
15101/A DC Verizon Ireland Limited
16243/A DC Verizon Services Ireland Limited
8038/A DP Version 1 Software
12985/A DC Vertice Integration Services Limited
13141/A DC Vesta Mortgage Investments Ltd
12813/A DP Vesta Payment Solutions Ltd
8935/A DC Veterinary Council of Ireland
15595/A DC+DP Vhi Group Services Ltd T/A Vhi Group Services
14996/A DC VHI Health Services Ltd t/a Vhi Medical Centre, Vhi Corporate Solutions, Vhi HomeCare
8451/A DC+DP VHI Healthcare Ltd T/A VHI Healthcare
15596/A DC Vhi Insurance Designated Activity Company T/A Vhi Insurance
14994/A DC VHI Investment Ltd t/a VHI Swiftcare
14995/A DC VHI Occupational Helath Ltd t/a TBC
4435/A DC Viatel Ireland Limited
14824/A DC Vibrant Food Limited
15600/A DP Videobot Limited
15799/A DC VideoDoc LTD
15800/A DP VideoDoc Technologies Ltd T/A VideoDoc Technologies/eVideoDoc
14503/A DC Village Medical, Finglas (Centric Health)
15858/A DP Vincent Drinan

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