Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 13/01/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
15760/A DP Pricewaterhousecoopers General Partnership T/A Pricewaterhousecoopers
5737/A DC Priestley Dublin Reinsurance Company Ltd
16674/A DC Prima Finance Ltd
8215/A DC Prima Pharmacies Ltd t/a Mark Ellis Pharmacy
2867/A DC PRIMACARE Health Professionals LTD
7344/A DC Princemark Holdings Ltd
10460/A DP PrintPost Ltd
15688/A DP Priority Investigations Ireland Limited
14959/A DC Priosma Europe Limited
0011/A DC Prison Officers Medical Aid Society
0420/A DC Prison Service Credit Union Ltd
14628/A DC PrivaPath Diagnostics Limited
11813/A DC Private GP Medical Practice
15361/A DP Private Investigation
8265/A DC Private Residential Tenancies Board
15985/A DP Prize Bond Company
15660/A DC PRJS Pharmacy
14691/A DP Proactive Design & Marketing
16429/A DP ProAdjust
9186/A DC Probation Service
7224/A DC Probus Insurance Company Europe DAC
15135/A DP Procactive Risk Control Ltd
13012/A DC Procare Pharmacy Ltd T/A Procare Pharmacy UCD
16109/A DC Prof Andrew Robert Wolf
16786/A DC Prof Christopher Thompson
12964/A DC Prof David M Kerins
12064/A DC Prof David Williams
16176/A DC Prof Denis O' Mahony
16077/A DC Prof Desmond O' Neill
15947/A DC Prof Eileen Treacy
11796/A DC Prof Frank Murray
12707/A DC Prof George Mellotte
12712/A DC Prof John Armstrong
15401/A DC Prof John Hyland
11925/A DC Prof John Reynolds
11869/A DC Prof Martin Corbally
2095/A DC Prof P R O' Connell MD, FRCSI, FRCS (Glas)
16279/A DC Prof Patrick Anthony O' Brien
16816/A DC Prof Peter Aiden McCormick
15577/A DC Prof Ronan Cahill
16170/A DC Prof Shaun T O'Keeffe
12647/A DC Prof Stephen Lane
15373/A DC Prof Stewart Walsh
16779/A DC Prof Suzanne Norris
12730/A DC Prof Thomas Walsh
16004/A DC Prof Timothy McDonnell
11270/A DC Prof. Frank Sullivan
12795/A DC Prof. Louis M.T. Collum
12126/A DC Prof. Paul F. Ridgeway
13590/A DC Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST)
4768/A DC Professional Pharmacy Limited
15454/A DC Professor Alina Mihai
11912/A DC Professor Colm Bergin
15504/A DC Professor Conrad Timon
10382/A DC Professor D. J. O' Halloran
11800/A DC Professor David Keane
12071/A DC Professor Dominic Harmon
10741/A DC Professor Douglas Veale
15425/A DC Professor Gerry McElvaney
15435/A DC Professor Ivan James Keogh
15481/A DC Professor James Paul O'Neill
12021/A DC Professor John Mark Redmond
12563/A DC Professor Kevin Conlon
1356/A DC Professor Marie T. Cassidy
16539/A DC Professor Martin James O'Donnell
11345/A DC Professor Peter J Conlon
12111/A DC Professor Rajnish K. Gupta
15436/A DC Professor Richard Costello
15408/A DC Professor Ronan Gerard O'Sullivan
13692/A DC Professor Sean Tierney
15458/A DC Professor William Torreggiani
15773/A DC Profunder Ltd
10752/A DP Progress Systems Limited
2089/A DC Progressive Credit Union Ltd
12768/A DP Promed
9400/A DC+DP Prometric Ireland Ltd
16366/A DC Promontoria (Oak) Limited
16632/A DC Promontoria (Oyster) Limited (591076)
16568/A DC Promontoria (Pluto) Limited (588201)
16365/A DC Promontoria (Ram 2) Limited
14802/A DC+DP Promontoria Eagle Limited
12944/A DC Promozoo Limited
14727/A DC Property Services Appeal Board
13569/A DC Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA)
14977/A DP Property Tracker Limited
16356/A DC Proteales Limited T/A McCabes Pharmacy, The Diamond, Malahide
13183/A DP Protocol Internet Technology Limited t/a Hosting Ireland
11455/A DC+DP Protocol Security & Investigation Services Limited t/a Protocol Security Services
0334/A DC Provident Personal Credit Ltd
1819/A DC Prudential International Assurance PLC
11229/A DC Prudential International Management Services Limited
13231/A DC Prysmian Re Company Limited
15298/A DC PSAE Re Designated Activity Company
12141/A DP Public Authority Pension Services Limited t/aPublic Authority Pension Services Limited
10523/A DP Publicis D Ltd
15951/A DP Pulp Recycling Limited
15924/A DP Pulsate Mobile Ltd
6594/A DC Pulse Retail Pharmacy Limited
4705/A DC Pure Telecom Limited
6787/A DC Putnam Investments (Ireland) Limited

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