Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 20/10/2016)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
13524/A DC Pat Hartnett
14806/A DP Pat Hayes
1125/A DC Pat Hogan Pharmacy Ltd
13515/A DP Pat Minnock
13568/A DC Pat Mullane BDS
14690/A DP Pat Murphy T/A Hawk Investigations
15198/A DP Pat O'Donnell
11450/A DP Pat Rooney Graphics Ltd t/a Rooney Media
14478/A DP Patricia O' Donnell
13565/A DC Patricia Shalloe
4427/A DC Patrick & Sean Mulholland
10557/A DP Patrick Brady
16100/A DC Patrick Canty T/A Patrick Canty Dental Surgery
13501/A DC Patrick Carey
15081/A DP Patrick Carmody
16499/A DP Patrick Carroll
16451/A DP Patrick Connolly
15075/A DP Patrick Crowley
14840/A DP Patrick Delaney
11632/A DC Patrick Fionan O'Carroll
14825/A DP Patrick Gaffney
13061/A DP Patrick Heskin
3050/A DC Patrick J Crotty
13783/A DC Patrick J McCann
12113/A DC+DP Patrick J, Cusack
12580/A DP Patrick J. Tobin & Co Ltd
2469/A DC Patrick John Hennigan MPSI
10227/A DC Patrick Joseph McAuliffe
16393/A DC Patrick K Plunkett
14415/A DP Patrick Kelly
14571/A DP Patrick Kelly
14468/A DP Patrick Kinsella
15241/A DP Patrick Kirwan
12252/A DP Patrick Mc Dermott
16151/A DC Patrick McKeon
15943/A DC Patrick Moore Opticians Ltd
7658/A DC Patrick O' Driscoll
14379/A DP Patrick O'Regan
15235/A DP Patrick Power t/a abbey glass and diy centre
15915/A DP Patrick Roche
16320/A DP Patrick Sharkey
14527/A DC Patrick Sweeney Chemists Ltd Trading As Roches Pharmacy
16528/A DP Patrick Wallace
9916/A DC Patrick Watson
13625/A DC+DP Patrona Underwriting Ltd
14366/A DP Patsy McGowan
15917/A DC Patten Raighne Opticians Ltd T/A Athenry Opticians & ni Raighne Opticians & Clifden Opticians
13814/A DP Paul Browne
2492/A DC Paul Burns
14638/A DP Paul Cuttle
4560/A DC Paul Davey Pharmacy Ltd
10860/A DC Paul Dee, Pat Sexton & Padraig O' Riordan
16527/A DC Paul Fitzsimmons
13344/A DP Paul Hargadon
13319/A DP Paul Harte
9181/A DC Paul Harty
2345/A DC Paul Hennigan Ltd T//A Moughans Pharmacy
16557/A DP Paul Hunston
13076/A DP Paul Ketterer
0078/A DC Paul McEvoy
13850/A DC Paul Moore
10163/A DC Paul Nolan t/a AR Solutions
10850/A DC Paul O'Grady
13724/A DC Paul Quinn and Edel McAteer
14482/A DC Paul Redbond
12590/A DP Paul Rossiter
15808/A DC Paul Ryan Independent Pensions and Financial Consultants Ltd
14946/A DP Paul Stapleton
12532/A DP Paul Twomey & Associates Ltd
15634/A DP Paul Walsh T/A NSilico Life Science
13881/A DP Paula Gormley
10357/A DC Paula O'Leary, Denis O'Mahony, Jonathan Hourihane, Brian McNamara, Brian Sweeney, Aisling Ryan.
14120/A DC Paula O'Neill
4539/A DP Pay & Shop Limited t/a ''Realex Payments''
7930/A DP Paycheck Plus Payroll Services Ireland Limited
11660/A DP Payzone Ireland
10358/A DC PB Pillbox Ltd. T/A Kelly's Pharmacy. Brendan McLoughlin, Peter Fivey
16382/A DP PCQ Recruitment
15868/A DC+DP PEAC (Ireland) Limited
5984/A DC Peacehaven Trust Limited
11658/A DC Peak Pharmacy Ltd
11243/A DC Peamount Hospital
9003/A DC Peelo, Helen
5361/A DC Peerview Ltd, t/a Murrays Pharmacy Partners: Terence and William Lenehan
16083/A DC Penbroke Dental Ballsbridge
16033/A DP People 1st Employment and Skills Ltd
2063/A DC People First Credit Union Limited
13004/A DC+DP Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC t/a Pepper Money, Pepper Homeloans and Pepper Asset Servicing
16014/A DP Pepper Ireland residential Securities Designated Activity Company
16530/A DP Perfect Accident Repair Centre Ltd T/A PARC
15818/A DP Perigord Group
6613/A DC Permanent TSB Finance
0491/A DC Permanent tsb p.l.c.
12193/A DC Permoligh obo Rory Fleming
6511/A DC+DP Pershing Securities International Ltd & Subsidaries
8336/A DC Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Injuries Board)
15870/A DP Peter Brunton
12293/A DC Peter Cahill
13474/A DP Peter Cassidy T/A VIPPS

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