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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 11/10/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
8336/A DC Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Injuries Board)
16874/A DC Peter Armstrong
16798/A DC Peter Armstrong
15870/A DP Peter Brunton
12293/A DC Peter Cahill
17054/A DC Peter Carr
0605/A DC Peter Conroy Pharmacy Limited
12259/A DP Peter Cremer
12382/A DC Peter Finian Kelly
14818/A DP Peter Finn
1920/A DC Peter Fox Pharmacy Ltd
14517/A DC Peter Gallagher
17306/A DP Peter McSharry
12307/A DP Peter Meade Elite Recoveries Ltd
15269/A DC Peter Nevin
16763/A DP Peter Punch
16934/A DP Peter Southern Trading as Peter Southern & Co
14545/A DC Peter Ward
12851/A DC Peter Whitty
8605/A DC Peter Wong T/A Park Pharmacy
8794/A DC Petroswede Insurance Company Ltd
14265/A DP PeytonVaughan Ltd T/A Sweete Ltd
11110/A DP PFH Technology Group Limited
7334/A DC Pfizer Healthcare Ireland
6956/A DC Pharma International Insurance DAC
16657/A DC+DP Pharma Medicines Insights Limited
4569/A DC Pharmacy Care Services Ltd
11435/A DC Pharmacy Care Services T/A Walshe's Pharmacy
9712/A DC Pharmacy First LTD T/A Daltons Pharmacy
5368/A DC Pharmacy Merrion Centre Limited T/A Tony Walsh Allcare Pharmacy
4424/A DC Pharmacy O'Riain Ltd
14814/A DC Pharmacy Resolution Company Limited T/A "Balally Pharmacy"
11034/A DC Pharmacy United t/a Advance Pharmacy
14689/A DC Pharmacyclics (Europe) Limited
16270/A DP Pharmaforce Limited
15168/A DC+DP Pharmasave Holdings Ltd T/A totalhealth
10808/A DP PharmEng Ltd T/A Locum Express
9214/A DC Pharmhealth Pharmacies Ltd
14159/A DC Phelan Mobility Aids Ltd t/a Phelans Pharmacy
9831/A DC Phelan Pharmacy Ltd
4693/A DC Phelans Photo Ltd
14702/A DC PHI Consulting (Ireland) Ltd trading as Total Health Cover
0092/A DC Phibsboro & District Credit Union
13322/A DP Philip Gillespie
2592/A DC Philip Lynch MPSI
10495/A DC Philip Morris International Insurance (Ireland) Ltd
11444/A DC Philip O' Dwyer
13507/A DC Philip O'Connor
17381/A DP Philip Smyth
16180/A DC+DP Phillips & Cohen Associates (Ireland) Ltd
13784/A DC Philomena (Phil) Dunne
16049/A DP Philomena Cowley
4645/A DC Phoenix Life Limited (Branch)
1736/A DC Phonovation Ltd
16776/A DP Phyllis Burns
16035/A DC Physio Eireann, Oliver Nolan, Ciara Mooney, Cathal Mooney
14753/A DC Physio Extra
17231/A DC+DP PhysioLinked Ltd
5733/A DC PI Indemnity Company Ltd
16518/A DP Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors.
13912/A DC Pilates Physiotherapy Cork ltd
14055/A DC Pillbox Express Ltd T/A Pillbox Express Pharmacy Brendan McLoughlin, Peter Fivey
13683/A DC Piltown Credit Union Ltd
7333/A DC Pimco Global Advisors (Ireland) Limited (the "Company")
8242/A DC Pine Indemnity Limited DAC
5451/A DC PineBridge Investments Ireland Ltd
16529/A DC Pinegrove Pharmacy Ltd T/A Mulrooneys Pharmacy
12839/A DC Pinger International Limited
14531/A DP Pinta Crew Ltd
4050/A DC Pioneer Global Investments Limited
5677/A DC Pioneer Investment Management Limited
9045/A DP Pitney Bowes Finance Ireland Ltd
9193/A DP PJ Farrell
2302/A DC PJ Hickey Limited
15180/A DP PJA Home Finance Ltd
15357/A DC PKJ Pharmacies Ltd T/A Railway Pharmacy
15819/A DP Planet Verify Limited
16904/A DC Planlife Trustee Services Limited t/a Planlife Trustee Services, Willis Self-Administered Pensions and Willis Share Incentive Schemes
12079/A DC+DP Plunkett Hayes t/a Revenue Sheriff Counties of Limerick & Clare
1453/A DC Plunkett's Pharmacy
17215/A DC+DP Plynk Limited
4860/A DC+DP Pobal
17116/A DP Podiatry Products LimitedTrading as PPL biomechanics
17248/A DP Point Blank Digital
10241/A DC+DP Point of Care Health Services Limited
11329/A DC Poitigeir (Muine Bheag)Teo., T/A Nolan's Pharmacy
2933/A DC Poleglen Ltd
14988/A DC Polonia Pharmacy Limited
9465/A DC Poppintree Pharmacy LTD t/a Poppintree Pharmacy
14042/A DC Popton Ltd T/A Exwell Medical
13925/A DC Porsche International Reinsurance Designated Activity Company
0992/A DC Portarlington Credit Union Ltd
8134/A DC Portobello Dental Clinic (Partners: Dr. Helen Walsh & Dr. Nicholas Beirne)
16907/A DC Positive Futures: Achiving Dreams. Transforming Lives CLG 566738 CRN 20106348 trading as Positive Futures
16548/A DP Positive Health GP Limited
16854/A DP Positive Occupational Well - being Resource Limited
5421/A DP Post Consult International Ltd
13192/A DP Power Solutions DTD Ltd T/A Power Health Solutions Ltd
14660/A DC Powers Pharmacy

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