Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 19/05/2016)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11748/A DC Ennistymon Pharmacy ltd t/a Currans Pharmacy
11700/A DP Enovation Solutions Ltd
4364/A DC Enterprise Ireland
11831/A DC Enterprise IT LTD
2700/A DC Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
14731/A DP Eoghan Griffin
15857/A DP Eoin Barrett
9741/A DC Eoin Deasy MPSI
7178/A DC Eoin Fleetwood
13508/A DC Eoin Mills
14920/A DC Eoin Mullane
13470/A DP Eoin Mullins
10925/A DC Eoin O' Broin
12170/A DC Eoin Sheehan
15043/A DP Eonvia Ltd
10943/A DP Epic Solutions
14755/A DP Epidemico Ltd
15675/A DP E-pire Limited t/a Transpoco
15805/A DC Equant Network Services International Limited
15804/A DC Equant Network Systems Limited
9481/A DP Equifax Commercial Services Ltd
10208/A DC Equinox CA Europe Limited
16085/A DC+DP Equinoxe Alternative Investment Services (Ireland) Limited
12989/A DP Ergo Services Ltd
0886/A DC Erncroft Ltd T/A Clearwater Allcare Pharmacy
14130/A DP Ernst & Young
1931/A DC Erris Credit Union
13009/A DP Errol Boyle
16122/A DC Ertow holdings II Dac
16107/A DC Ertow Holdings Limited
0625/A DC Ervia Employees Credit Union Ltd
13016/A DC+DP Escher Group IRL
5638/A DP E-Search Ltd t/a Newsweaver
0111/A DC E-Services and Communications Credit Union Limited
11967/A DC ESG Reinsurance Ireland Limited (Under Administration)
2069/A DC Eskimo (ABC) Holdings Limited
13139/A DP Espion Ltd
10281/A DC Esprit Insurance Limited
12053/A DC Esself Limited
9517/A DP EssentialSkillz
13034/A DP Essentra Packaging Ireland Ltd (Glasnevin)
8623/A DP Ethoca Limited
12548/A DP ETI Security
13416/A DP Eugene Cosgrave
14819/A DP Eugene Gilligan
9004/A DC Euler Hermes Ireland
9830/A DC+DP Euler Hermes Services Ireland Limited
6946/A DC+DP EUMedia Ltd (T/A Eumom )
13282/A DC euNetworks Ireland Private Fiber Limited
12430/A DC Euro Care Healthcare t/a Whitfield Clinic
8439/A DC Euro Insurances Limited
4505/A DC Euroben Life & Pension Limited
11219/A DC+DP Euromedic Diagnostics Ireland Ltd
12801/A DC Europ Assistance S.A. (trading as Europ Assistance S.A. Irish Branch)
8536/A DC European Insurance Risk Excess Designated Activity Company
15559/A DP EVBI Ltd
15333/A DC EVBI Ltd
11134/A DC Everest Reinsurance Co (Ireland) Limited
5262/A DC Evergreen Road Pharmacy Ltd T/a Turners Cross Allcare Pharmcay
5617/A DC+DP Everyday Debt Recovery Limited
12208/A DC+DP Everyday Debt Services Ltd t/a Everyday Group
10899/A DC+DP Everyday Finance Limited
14004/A DC Evidence-Based Therapy Centre
15561/A DC EVO Payments GmbH Irish Branch
12481/A DC Excel Care Limited t/a Palmerstown Pharmacy
12845/A DC Executive Medical Care Ltd
0493/A DC+DP Experian Ireland Ltd
14904/A DC Expert Group on Future Skills Needs
10181/A DP Expert Revenue Systems Ltd
12875/A DC Express Medical
14257/A DP Externally Delivered Services Solutions ltd
14058/A DP EyreFMS
14169/A DP Ezora Limited
8404/A DC F O'Donnell Ltd.
11693/A DP Fónua Limited
8426/A DC F.I.G. (Ireland) Limited t/a Genworth Financial
7002/A DC F.X. O' Brien, B.Dent. Sc., M.A., U.Dubl.
14721/A DP Fabrik Creative Media Limited
8646/A DC Fair St Pharmacy Ltd t/a Blanchardstown Village Pharmacy
2244/A DC Fairgate Medical Practice
8967/A DC Fairies Cross Medical Centre, Dr. Tom O'Regan & Dr John Chute
0104/A DC Fairview Credit Union
2317/A DC Fairview Medical Centre Dr. Ronan Cormican, Dr. Frank Broderick, Dr Fiona McGlynn
6472/A DC Falvey's Pharmacy Ltd.
4361/A DC Family Insurances Advisory Services Limited
7667/A DC Family Practitioners (Partners: Dr Helen O' Neill, Dr Kieran Fulcher, Dr Nuala McGlinchey)
0631/A DC Farranree Credit Union Ltd
4695/A DC Farrell's Pharmacy
13318/A DC Farrells Pharmacy Longwood Ltd
15741/A DC Farrell's Pharmacy Trim Ltd
15272/A DC Farscape Limited T/A Brookes Pharmacy
9935/A DC Fast Wireless Internet Limited t/a Arra Communications
9905/A DC Fastcom Broadband Ltd T/A Fastcom Telecom
9929/A DC Fasttrack Broadband
10815/A DC Faughart Credit Union Limited
10190/A DC Fay Family Practice
13546/A DC Fazal ur rahman Memon
0002/A DC FBD Insurance plc
3056/A DC FCE Bank PLC

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