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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 17/05/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
13856/A DC Duncan Lawler
0062/A DC Dundalk Credit Union Ltd
12352/A DC Dundalk Pharmacy LTD T/A Townparks Pharmacy
13623/A DC Dundrum Dental Services t/a Dundrum Dental Surgery
0103/A DC Dungarvan Credit Union
10359/A DC Dungloe Pharmacy Ltd
15671/A DC Dunlavin Pharmacy Ltd
15952/A DP Dunleavy Telecom Services
1646/A DC Dunleer Parish Credit Union Ltd
2731/A DC Dunmanway Credit Union Ltd
16618/A DC Dunville Pharmacy Limited
0058/A DC Durrow Pharmacy
10923/A DC+DP DVCSD Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division
15306/A DP Dynamic Business Informatics Ltd.
16796/A DC Dyslexia Association of Ireland
4975/A DC DZ Finance Ireland Ltd
5635/A DC EAA Covered Bond Bank plc ("EAA CBB")
11209/A DC Eadhbhard Mulligan
14823/A DP Eamon Courtney
16318/A DP Eamon Harney
12808/A DP Eamon O Mordha & Co Ltd
1173/A DC Eamon P Tierney Ltd (Pharmacy)
12863/A DP Eamonn Brennan
14450/A DP Eamonn Crotty
14546/A DP Eamonn Daly
15104/A DP Eamonn Gavin Investigations
16773/A DP Eamonn Holly
16947/A DP Eamonn O'Brien
7813/A DC Eamonn Thomas Noonan
15331/A DP EAP Consultants Limited
12547/A DC Earlsfort Dermatology trading as Dr Fiona Keane
12879/A DP Earlsfort eHealthwatch Limited
13198/A DC Easeca Ltd (Bretts Pharmacy)
16574/A DP Easisolutions
12477/A DP East Coast Catering
11221/A DC East Cork Broadband
1945/A DC East Wall Credit Union Limited
14842/A DP Easter Hill Security T/A Global Risk Solutions
16244/A DP Eazy Connections Ltd t/a Complete Outsource Solutions
0536/A DC+DP EBS D.A.C..
10651/A DC EBS Mortgage Finance
14025/A DC Ecclesiastical Insurance Office EIO
0608/A DC ECCU Assurance DAC
15936/A DP Economic and Social Research Institute
13511/A DC Ed Advanced Medical Service Ltd
13289/A DP Eddie Condron
14417/A DP Eddie Enright
0628/A DC Edenderry Credit Union Limited
4610/A DC Edenmore Pharmacy
4225/A DC Edenpark Surgery
14046/A DP Edge Anderson & Company Ltd.,
4458/A DC Edgeworthstown Pharmacy Ltd.
13015/A DP Edmond Fogarty EF Consultancy
16925/A DP Edmond O'Rourke
14841/A DP Edmund Sheridan
13749/A DP Edward Byrne
14151/A DP Edwards McCarthy Safety Ltd t/a EMS & Associates
12499/A DP eDynamics Ltd t/a Autopilot
16937/A DP Efficienc R&D Limited trading as Efficienc
16427/A DP Egis Road and Tunnel Operation Ltd
15171/A DC EHA Corporate Ltd
15324/A DP Eileen Hale
0477/V DC+DP Eircom Ltd (Irish Branch)
4143/A DC Eircom Ltd.
2177/A DC+DP Eircom Staff Friendly Society
5653/A DC Eirgrid Plc
10492/A DC Eirim: The National Assessment Agency Limited
15556/A DP Eishtec
14655/A DC Eithne Fitzpatrick
15021/A DC Eithne Ryan
16012/A DP EL Sayed Higazy, Aya higazy t/a Medix Plus ltd
14012/A DC Elaine Ahern & Associates
11611/A DP Elaine Sutton
9224/A DC Elavon Financial Services DAC
11428/A DC Elbarak Ltd
12132/A DP Elder Home Care Ltd t/a Comfort Keepers
4380/A DC Eldon Clinic
15303/A DC Eleanor Burke
8467/A DC Electric Insurance Ireland Limited
14765/A DP Element Software Limited t/a Element Wave
14094/A DC Elginway Ltd T/A Haven Pharmacy Kennellys
8101/A DC+DP Eli Lilly & Company (Ireland) Limited
8082/A DC Eliezer Limited T/A McTiernan''s CarePlus Pharmacy
1763/A DC Elizabeth Hoctor Limited
11475/A DC Elizabeth Murray Limited
14711/A DC Elkstone Capital International Services Ltd
14710/A DC Elkstone Private Advisors Ltd
13935/A DP Elliots Accident Repair Centre
17001/A DP Ellucian Ireland Limited
12066/A DC Elm Medical Centre Company Limited
2850/A DC Elmo Pharmacy Ltd
7755/A DC Elmwood Medical Pratice
14213/A DC Emberton Finance DAC
16056/A DC Emer Walshe
14914/A DC Emerald Mortgages No 5 Designated Activity Company
14913/A DC Emerald Mortgages No. 4 plc
16922/A DP Emma Farrelly
4574/A DC Emmet Feerick Pharmacy Ltd
12823/A DC Emmet Square Surgery; Dr Fiona O''Reilly, Dr Matthias Dahm

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