Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 26/05/2016)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
16171/A DC Dr Paula O' Leary
15387/A DC Dr Pauline Whyte
12114/A DC Dr Peter Boles
16072/A DC Dr Peter Browne
12552/A DC Dr Peter Crean Consultant Cardiologist
15400/A DC Dr Peter Ellis
3090/A DC Dr Peter Flynn
5274/A DC Dr Peter G Morehan
13216/A DC Dr Peter Greally
5331/A DC Dr Peter H Joyce
1270/A DC Dr Peter K Gormley
13480/A DC Dr Peter Keenan
12928/A DC Dr Peter Kemple
11075/A DC Dr Peter Killeen, CUstom House Square, Medical Centre
15409/A DC Dr Peter Lenehan for PL Medical Services
12720/A DC Dr Peter Scarlett
12847/A DC Dr Peter Widdess-Walsh
10261/A DC Dr Phil Boyle
2528/A DC Dr Philip Aherne
15427/A DC Dr Philip Cadigan
4443/A DC Dr Philip O Connell
2747/A DC Dr Pierce Molony
12784/A DC Dr R J Erwin
15875/A DC Dr Rachael Frazer - Frazer Dental Kingscourt
12789/A DC Dr Rachael Quigley
15793/A DC Dr Rachel Crowley
10993/A DC Dr Rachel Harnett & Dr Pat Mac Carthy
15407/A DC Dr Rajesh Kumar Jain
15825/A DC Dr Ravi Kumar, Dr Ann-Marie Leech
7628/A DC Dr Ray Doyle, Dr Eilín O Flaherty
12082/A DC Dr Ray Goggins Consultant Psychiatrist
11839/A DC Dr Ray Mc Dermott
14869/A DC Dr Ray Paul
9489/A DC Dr Raymond Brogan
16017/A DC Dr Raymond Campbell
10963/A DC Dr Raymond Walley
11874/A DC Dr Rebecca Fanning
11887/A DC Dr Reem Salman
9192/A DC Dr Regina O'Kelly
0180/A DC Dr Reginald Spelman
15612/A DC Dr Richard A Walsh
12378/A DC Dr Richard Deignan, Dr Tadhg Gleeson, Dr John Morris
11853/A DC Dr Richard Farrell
5565/A DC Dr Richard Fitzpatrick
12164/A DC Dr Richard Joyce
10331/A DC Dr Richard Liston
3077/A DC Dr Richard Murray
4819/A DC Dr Richard Quirke, Dr Mike Quirke ,Dr Tara Dillon
0980/A DC Dr Richard Tobin Jnr
6823/A DC Dr Rita K.J. Doyle
9177/A DC Dr Robert Gorby
15453/A DC Dr Robert Grealy
11842/A DC Dr Robert Kelly
11988/A DC Dr Robert Magnier
14718/A DC Dr Robert Maharg
2784/A DC Dr Robert P Fitzpatrick
10839/A DC Dr Robert Townsend
12683/A DC Dr Roger McMorrow
11878/A DC Dr Ronald Charles
16126/A DC Dr Ronan Collins
12966/A DC Dr Ronan Donohoe/Dr Eleanor Galvin
16154/A DC Dr Ronan Flynn
7650/A DC Dr Ronan Kennedy
15483/A DC Dr Ronan Kilbride
13534/A DC Dr Ronan Lyden
15344/A DC Dr Ronan Mullan
2375/A DC Dr Ronan O'Sullivan
7570/A DC Dr Ronan Ryder, Dr P.J. Kelly Dr David Boylan
11900/A DC Dr Rory Page
5431/A DC Dr Rosaleen Crushell/& Dr. Hilda Crushell
14162/A DC Dr Rose Marie Daly
9587/A DC Dr Rosemary Coleman
13104/A DC Dr Rosemary Moriarty
15624/A DC Dr Ross MacNicholas
12473/A DC Dr Ross Morgan
15426/A DC Dr Ross Morgan
12724/A DC Dr Ruairi Fahy
14853/A DC Dr Ruth Morrell
11833/A DC Dr Saad Mahdy
13358/A DC Dr Saleem Osman
15438/A DC Dr Sam VanEeden
14005/A DP Dr Samuel Hamilton
15291/A DC Dr Sandor Endredi
12105/A DC Dr Sandra Kirke
16247/A DC Dr Sara O' Byrne
13788/A DC Dr Sarah Beth Hooper T/A Errigal Surgery
2841/A DC Dr Seamus Clarke
11918/A DC Dr Seamus J Linnane
4434/A DC Dr Seamus Kilby
13234/A DC Dr Seamus M O'Cathail t/a Seamkath
10788/A DC Dr Seamus O' Reilly
5354/A DC Dr Seamus O'Brien, Dr Denis Egan & Dr Sinead O' Brien
7473/A DC Dr Sean Browne,Dr Paddy Hayes, Dr Micheal Shannon, Dr Jane O''Callagan, Dr John Haugh, Dr Leah Flynn
2651/A DC Dr Sean McBrinn T/A The Medical Centre
2384/A DC Dr Sean McGuire /Dr Ben Parmeter / Dr Elaine Bolger
7608/A DC Dr Sean Moran
10198/A DC Dr Sean Nugent
15847/A DP Dr Senthil Kumar Ramesh Kumar
12674/A DC Dr Shafeeq Al -Raqi
15367/A DC Dr Shahzad Sarwar

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