Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 24/05/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
16523/A DC Dr Michael O'Connell
15386/A DC Dr Michael O'Mahony
16149/A DC Dr Michael Patrick Egan
15490/A DC Dr Michael R Clarkson
11204/A DC Dr Michael Reardon Consultant Physican/Geriatican
16417/A DC Dr Michael Williamson
2162/A DC Dr Michelle Corvin & Dr Mary Murnaghaw
12708/A DC Dr Michelle Duggan
12294/A DC Dr Michelle Mc Cauley
9349/A DC Dr Michelle Murphy Consultant Dernatologist
2991/A DC Dr Michelle O''Connor
12401/A DC Dr Miles Deas
16304/A DC Dr Miljenko Modric
15520/A DC Dr Miriam Griffin
10843/A DC+DP Dr Miriam Hally
13236/A DC Dr Miriam Kenny
11846/A DC Dr Miriam Langdon
11863/A DC Dr Miriam O' Connor
16538/A DC Dr Mirjana Lulic Drljacic
11850/A DC Dr Mohammad Faheem
15456/A DC Dr Mohammad Tariq
14964/A DC Dr Mohammed Zafruddin
15462/A DC Dr Mohsin Ijaz
16409/A DC Dr Mona Mubarak
15431/A DC Dr Moya Cunningham
15512/A DC Dr Muhammad Anwar Malik
15443/A DC Dr Muhammad Jamil
15381/A DC Dr Muhammad Shazhad Jamil
2502/A DC Dr Muiris de Bhulbh
14941/A DC Dr Mujeebullah Arain
12692/A DC Dr Muyiwa Aremu
16476/A DC Dr Muzackir Abubaker
11943/A DC Dr Nageswaran Narayanan
15410/A DC Dr Naveed Sultan
15967/A DC Dr Nazir Ahmed Soomro
2989/A DC Dr Neasa McDonagh, Dr Deirdre Horneck, Dr Deirdre Hegarty
15441/A DC Dr Niall Breslin
11886/A DC Dr Niall Colwell
12678/A DC Dr Niall Hughes
12159/A DC Dr Niall McGauran
11106/A DC Dr Niall O' Connor
11868/A DC Dr Niamh Conlon
10246/A DC Dr Niamh Haverty, Dr Marie Egan (General Practitioners)
11997/A DC Dr Niamh Hayes
16459/A DC Dr Niamh Mary Feely
15964/A DC Dr Niamh McSweeney
12704/A DC Dr Niamh Murphy
13812/A DC Dr Niamh O'Brien
11840/A DC Dr Nicholas Eustace
16173/A DC Dr Nicholas Mark Allen
16415/A DC Dr Nicholas Martin Barrett
12104/A DC Dr Nicola Black, and Dr Geoff Lavery T/A Oakwood Medical Clinic
2689/A DC Dr Nicola Gilliland, Dr John Allman,Dr Diarmaid Gannon
15880/A DC Dr Nicolette Kroon
15432/A DC Dr Nikolay Nikolov
15418/A DC Dr Nirmala Kondaveeti
3092/A DC Dr Noel Caffrey
11129/A DC Dr Noel Henderson
15451/A DC Dr Noel O'Brien
15157/A DC Dr Noelle Quann
16074/A DC Dr Noirin Ni Scannlain
12566/A DC Dr Noreen Kelly/Dr Anne-Marie Mc Ginley
15475/A DC Dr Norma Harnedy
15370/A DC Dr Nuala Murphy
11090/A DC Dr Oliver Lynn
16486/A DC Dr Omar Tujjar
12522/A DC Dr Oonagh Moynihan & Dr Aifric O'Driscoll
13220/A DC Dr Oonagh O'Regan t/a Roslevan Dental Clinic
16174/A DC Dr Orlaith Kelly
1144/A DC Dr P J Quigley & Dr R O'Hanlon
15618/A DC Dr P.W.Napoleon Keeling
4306/A DC Dr Paddy May
14143/A DC Dr Padraig Ó Ceallaigh
1292/A DC Dr Pascal O' Dea / Dr Aoife Cody / Dr Christopher Coffey
2221/A DC Dr Pat Carolan/Dr Kathleen Clerkin
1974/A DC Dr Pat Conheady & Dr Geraldine Colleran
10004/A DC Dr Pat Maher & Dr Eilis Maher, General Practitioners
13314/A DC Dr Pat McSherry
9565/A DC Dr Pat Murphy
11998/A DC Dr Pat Scanlon
11107/A DC Dr Patanne Harte
16908/A DC Dr Patricia Campbell
16158/A DC Dr Patricia Daly
12694/A DC Dr Patricia Quinlan
12725/A DC Dr Patricija Ecimovic
15371/A DC Dr Patrick Conroy
1433/A DC Dr Patrick Cullen
4144/A DC Dr Patrick F Bugler
0846/A DC Dr Patrick Ian Condon
12316/A DC Dr Patrick Lee / Dr Maria Horgan
4123/A DC Dr Patrick Lynch
10525/A DC Dr Patrick Malone
14723/A DC Dr Patrick Mc Govern
11343/A DC Dr Patrick Meagher
15042/A DC Dr Patrick Moroney
16419/A DC Dr Patrick Nash
4316/A DC Dr Patrick O' Donoghue
2979/A DC Dr Patrick O' Dwyer
3023/A DC Dr Patrick O' Flaherty & Dr. Rory Glynn

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