Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 10/02/2016)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
12814/A DC Dr Stephanie Bourke
13251/A DC Dr Stephen and Rose Mathews
5425/A DC Dr Stephen B T Gately
11957/A DC Dr Stephen Cotter
11644/A DC Dr Stephen Patten
2484/A DC Dr Stephen Ryan
2070/A DC Dr Stuart Kenny
12727/A DC Dr Susan Finn
15455/A DC Dr Susan M O'Connell
11899/A DC Dr Susan Sant
14902/A DC Dr Suzanne Milligan
15842/A DC Dr Suzanne Sharazad Cronly
12702/A DC Dr Syed Nadeem
15544/A DC Dr Syed Zulfigar Ali
11325/A DC Dr T Bolger, Dr B Dehham, Dr E Buckley t/a Braemor Specialists - The Childrens Practice.
5156/A DC Dr Tadhg O'Carroll
5311/A DC Dr Tadhg O'Sullivan
16005/A DC Dr Tara Coughlan
15369/A DC Dr Tarig Abdelhafiz
11949/A DC Dr Terence Hennessy
15489/A DC Dr Terence M O'Connor
12672/A DC Dr Terence Montague
11400/A DC Dr Teresa Coll
1842/A DC Dr Terry Farrelly
12682/A DC Dr Terry Tan
14099/A DC Dr Therese Wheatley O'Neill
2602/A DC Dr Thomas G O' Donnell
12699/A DC Dr Thomas Kiernan
14943/A DC Dr Thomas M Walsh
11862/A DC Dr Thomas Owens
1219/A DC Dr Thomas P Foley
2139/A DC Dr Thomas Prior/ Dr Mairead Beirne/ Mrs Y Prior
15343/A DC Dr Thomas S Monaghan
14539/A DP Dr Thomas Thiel
2496/A DC Dr Thomas Vincent Walsh
12221/A DC Dr Tim and Nicky Callan
3022/A DC Dr Timothy P Casey
13723/A DC Dr TK Raveendranath
10027/A DC Dr Tom Cahill & Dr Aoife O' Donnell
2516/A DC Dr Tom Finnegan, Dr. Peter O Keane and Dr Gerry O. Kelly
10489/A DC Dr Tom Hogan Dr Fiona Henry
15508/A DC Dr Tom Schnittger
15562/A DC Dr Tony Egan
12625/A DC Dr Tony Geoghegan
2463/A DC Dr Tony Mac Donald
2973/A DC Dr Tony O Dowd
14676/A DC Dr Trevor Duffy
10150/A DC Dr Truls Christiansen
15423/A DC Dr Turlough Farnan
7462/A DC Dr Ulrich Bartels Ltd.
15613/A DC Dr Ulrich Klemens Albus
9731/A DC Dr Una Kennedy
14567/A DC Dr Una O' Halloran
10214/A DC Dr Ursula O' Brien Counihan
9065/A DC Dr Ursula Scullion
10354/A DC Dr Velma Harkins and Dr Shane Carroll
14057/A DC Dr Veronique Coleman and Dr Niall O'Leary
11876/A DC Dr Vida Hamilton
12734/A DC Dr Vincent Maher
15001/A DP Dr Vincent Parsons
15415/A DC Dr Vinod Sudhir
15575/A DC Dr Vladimir Alexiev
15421/A DC Dr Wahid Altaf
10769/A DC Dr William F. Hooper t/a The Hooper Medical Centre
5025/A DC Dr William O'Connor
1353/A DC Dr William P McNamara
10327/A DC Dr William Stack
15499/A DC Dr Wouter Jonker
1403/A DC Dr Yasser Mahamad Fakih
11956/A DC Dr Yvonne Smyth
15913/A DC Dr(s0 Caroline Faul & Aileen Scullion
6491/A DC Dr. A. McKay
7239/A DC Dr. Abdul Rashid Ibrahim
11969/A DC Dr. Aidan Mackey
6522/A DC Dr. Alan Moran
12346/A DC Dr. Alan Mulgrew
8276/A DC Dr. Ann Marie Burke, Dr. Eoin Maughan, Dr Finbarr O' leary
8268/A DC Dr. Anne Gillan
8282/A DC Dr. Anthony Bentley, Dr. Leonie Devereux
4855/A DC Dr. Anthony O' Connor
6488/A DC Dr. Anthony Sills
7746/A DC Dr. Aonghus Flavin
12535/A DC Dr. Barry Cosgrove
7752/A DC Dr. Barry Lordan
7240/A DC Dr. Brenda Wright
9850/A DC Dr. Brendan Doyle
12885/A DC Dr. Brendan McGarvey
8770/A DC Dr. Brian Murray
12085/A DC Dr. Brian O' Flynn & Noel Howard
8659/A DC Dr. Carol Mooney & Dr. Aogan Rooney
13193/A DC Dr. Catherine Molloy
12926/A DC Dr. Catherine O'Donohoe
7652/A DC Dr. Ciaran MacLoughlin
13711/A DC Dr. Claudia Muegge t/a Belvedere Dental
7895/A DC Dr. Colette Faul
13370/A DC Dr. Colm Loftus, Dr. Margaret Loftus & Dr. Katie Loftus
11031/A DC Dr. Con Murphy
8617/A DC Dr. Conor Devine
15776/A DC Dr. Cormac Ó Dubhghaill
6604/A DC Dr. Dónal Daly

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