Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 24/05/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11905/A DC Dr John Ryan
1837/A DC Dr John Sheeran
2378/A DC Dr John Simon
12880/A DC+DP Dr John Tobin
11936/A DC Dr John Waterstone
7771/A DC Dr John White
15412/A DC Dr Jonathan Gerard McGuinness
5584/A DC Dr Jonathan Jacob
12185/A DC Dr Joseph Fitzgerald
14345/A DC Dr Joseph Hennessy
2354/A DC Dr Joseph Martin/Dr Pauline King/Dr Michael Ó Tighnearnaigh
2309/A DC Dr Joseph P Murphy / Dr Deirdre Mac Donald
13267/A DC Dr Joseph P. O' Keeffe
15620/A DC Dr Josephine Clare
13432/A DC Dr Josephine Leahy
8140/A DC Dr Joyce Hayward
15372/A DC Dr Jubil Thomas
2994/A DC Dr Judith Bugler
11901/A DC Dr Judith Connolly
13542/A DC Dr Judith Phelan
16526/A DC Dr Justin Andrew Kinsella
11894/A DC Dr Justin Lane
15437/A DC Dr Kamal Eltayeb Mohammad Fadalla
14290/A DC Dr Karl Schmidt
15751/A DC Dr Karthikeyan Srinivasan
15384/A DC Dr Kate O'Loughlin
15473/A DC Dr Katherine O'Reilly
15534/A DC Dr Kathleen Cronin
10474/A DC Dr Kay Moran
11888/A DC Dr Kay O'Brien
3097/A DC Dr Kenneth Mealy
0748/A DC Dr Kenneth Olinger
11996/A DC Dr Kenneth Patterson
11753/A DC Dr Kevin Clarkson
7335/A DC Dr Kevin Delargy
14106/A DC Dr Kevin Dunne
16311/A DC Dr Kevin Finbarr McCarthy
9360/A DC Dr Kevin Fitzgerald Dr Delia Conlon
16375/A DC Dr Kevin McGale
13250/A DC Dr Kevin Nugent
4391/A DC Dr Kevin O' Flynn
11970/A DC Dr Kevin O'Rourke
5225/A DC Dr Kevin P Twomey
16879/A DC Dr Kevin Walsh
15341/A DC Dr Khalid Mahmood
16915/A DC Dr Khalid Mahmood (GS)
11136/A DC Dr Kieran Bourke
11352/A DC Dr Kieran Hughes
1879/A DC Dr Kieran Joseph Gaine
1089/A DC Dr Kieran Murphy
7094/A DC Dr Kieran O' Shea
9179/A DC Dr Kieran Whyte
15470/A DC Dr Kirsten Fitzgerald
11448/A DC Dr Knut Moe
15433/A DC Dr Koteswara Rao Velagapudi For Soumit Ltd
16811/A DC Dr Kushel Chummun
11017/A DC Dr Laura O'Flynn
1404/A DC+DP Dr Laurence J O' Sullivan, Dr John Wall dr Enda Devitt
16638/A DC Dr Lawrence Lau
11898/A DC Dr Leo Kevin
2944/A DC Dr Leo Tobin
12592/A DC Dr Lettice O'Leary
10263/A DC Dr Liam Doherty t/a Liam Doherty Medical
12286/A DC Dr Liam Grogan
11824/A DC Dr Liam John Cormican
12717/A DC Dr Liam O 'Siorain
14498/A DC Dr Liam Power
8155/A DC Dr Liam Tuohy
15378/A DC Dr Linda Brewer
12643/A DC Dr Linda Norton
15346/A DC Dr Lisa Costello
15647/A DC Dr Lisa McCarthy
16484/A DC Dr Loay Alhamdan
12628/A DC Dr Lorraine Dennis & Dr Michele Dillon
10202/A DC Dr Louis Lavelle /Dr Deirdre O'Gorman
15376/A DC Dr Louise Giblin
11835/A DC Dr Louise O' Toole
16612/A DC Dr Lucia Borovickova
16875/A DC Dr Lucia Maior
10857/A DC Dr Lucinda Dockeray
10433/A DC Dr Lydia Huisman t/a New Road Surgery
16298/A DC Dr Lyndsey Paul
11823/A DC Dr Lyster Geraldine
2985/A DC Dr Máire Úna Ni Rathaille
7451/A DC Dr Máirlín O' Donnell
10050/A DC Dr M. Carr & Dr L. Maxwell
16514/A DC Dr Ma Pyeh Kyithar
12124/A DC Dr Maeve Leahy
7585/A DC Dr Maeve Teehan
12681/A DC Dr Mags Bourke
13455/A DC Dr Maher Kemmoona T/A Berkeley Dental
16280/A DC Dr Maire Bernadette Buckley
4338/A DC Dr Mairead Cahill
9398/A DC Dr Mairead Kelly
11237/A DC Dr Majella Perry
16525/A DC Dr Malgorzata Janina Wawrzynek
14704/A DC Dr Malgorzata Moczulska
15478/A DC Dr Marcia J Bell
16522/A DC Dr Marek Mazur
16290/A DC Dr Margaret Ellen O'Connor

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