Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 26/05/2016)
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15430/A DC Dr Mark Damian Campbell
10724/A DC Dr Mark F. Whitty
10490/A DC Dr Mark Holmes
16203/A DC Dr Mark Ross
12887/A DC Dr Mark Sherlock
5515/A DC Dr Martin Brennan
10999/A DC Dr Martin J Watters, Emyvale Medical Centre
12062/A DC Dr Martin O'Malley & Dr Brian Fay
11259/A DC Dr Martin Quinn
15507/A DC Dr Martin Schranz
15507/A DC Dr Martin Schranz
1771/A DC Dr Martin White, Dr Catherine Wann, Dr Sandra Dodson
15482/A DC Dr Martina Anne Healy
12606/A DC Dr Martina Cogan
2402/A DC Dr Martina Hanratty/Dr Crosbie
5314/A DC Dr Mary A Sheehan
11470/A DC Dr Mary B Murphy
12804/A DC Dr Mary Behan
10292/A DC Dr Mary Bernadette Lynch
15471/A DC Dr Mary Bowen
1436/A DC Dr Mary Boyd
11953/A DC Dr Mary Cahill
15666/A DC Dr Mary Cannon
12967/A DC Dr Mary Conroy
16006/A DC Dr Mary E Herzig
4299/A DC Dr Mary Garvey Consultant Dermatologist
9535/A DC Dr Mary Kearney
11851/A DC Dr Mary Keogan
1649/B DC Dr Mary McFadden
13682/A DC Dr Mary McGarry
11788/A DC Dr Mary Mooney
10829/A DC Dr Mary O' Mahony G.P.
13810/A DC Dr Mary O'Brien
9797/A DC Dr Mary Regan and Dr Fidelma Mc Kenna
15601/A DC Dr Mary Ward
5468/A DC Dr Mary Ward
15429/A DC Dr Mary Wingfield
15036/A DC Dr Mary Woulfe
7053/A DC Dr Mary-Paula Colgan
16148/A DC Dr Mashhour NI Naasan
12940/A DC Dr Mathew Mc Cauley
11768/A DC Dr Mathias Murphy
16131/A DC Dr matilde Bettina Mijares Zamuner
2758/A DC Dr Matt Linehan
16120/A DC Dr Matthew J Hewitt
9787/A DC Dr Matthew Morehan
15506/A DC Dr Matthew S Murphy
10233/A DC Dr Matthias Murphy, Dr Brigette Wieneke, Dr paul O' Sullivan
10454/A DC Dr Maura O' Meara General Practitioner
16128/A DC+DP Dr Maura Stafford
2536/A DC Dr Maureen Boyd
15308/A DC Dr Maureen Connolly
2978/A DC Dr Maureen Ryan, Dr Brendan Thornton & Dr Siobhan Lynch
14919/A DC Dr Maurice Carroll
11526/A DC Dr Maurice Fitzgerald
4770/A DC Dr Maurice O' Sullivan / Dr Isobel Brennock/ Dr Tom Nyhan
16191/A DC Dr Maurice Touhy Kennedy
12731/A DC Dr May Cleary
3089/A DC Dr Mel Fullam
5356/A DC Dr Mel Gilmartin
15584/A DC Dr Melaine O' Reilly
15434/A DC Dr Michael Andrew Callaghan
16164/A DC Dr Michael Anthony Boyle
16194/A DC Dr Michael Anthony Curran
15446/A DC Dr Michael Carey
2254/A DC Dr Michael Coleman
15730/A DC Dr Michael Conaill Dennedy
10504/A DC Dr Michael Doyle
1884/A DC Dr Michael F O'Flynn
0712/A DC+DP Dr Michael F X Gilmore
9508/A DC Dr Michael G O'Sullivan
15393/A DC Dr Michael Gilbride
15460/A DC Dr Michael Gordian Barry For Munster Anaesthesia
11907/A DC Dr Michael Griffin
8199/A DC Dr Michael Griffin
15823/A DC Dr Michael Houlihan (Bayview and Shankill Surgery Remote Sites)
2253/A DC Dr Michael Joyce
5533/A DC Dr Michael Kennedy
15256/A DC Dr Michael MacNamara General Practitioner
1766/A DC Dr Michael Maguire
8194/A DC Dr Michael McGrath
15501/A DC Dr Michael McKenny
12639/A DC Dr Michael Moloney & Dr Michael O Doherty
12668/A DC Dr Michael Moore
2202/A DC Dr Michael Moran/Dr Ann Moran
15386/A DC Dr Michael O'Mahony
16149/A DC Dr Michael Patrick Egan
15490/A DC Dr Michael R Clarkson
11204/A DC Dr Michael Reardon Consultant Physican/Geriatican
2574/A DC Dr Michael Regan
2162/A DC Dr Michelle Corvin & Dr Mary Murnaghaw
12708/A DC Dr Michelle Duggan
12294/A DC Dr Michelle Mc Cauley
9349/A DC Dr Michelle Murphy Consultant Dernatologist
2991/A DC Dr Michelle O''Connor
12401/A DC Dr Miles Deas
15520/A DC Dr Miriam Griffin
10843/A DC+DP Dr Miriam Hally
13236/A DC Dr Miriam Kenny
11846/A DC Dr Miriam Langdon

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