Data Protection Commissioner

Press Release - 21/12/06

The Data Protection Commissioner, Billy Hawkes, is currently issuing a guidance note to 1,633 mortgage intermediaries nationwide. The guidance note has been drafted on foot of a series of investigations and random inspections of mortgage brokers and estate agents premises conducted by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. These investigations took place in the wake of the allegations made on the Primetime Investigates Programme of 11th December, 2006. In terms of the outcome of these investigations, Commissioner Billy Hawkes remarked today "The Prime Time programme and the subsequent investigations which my Office has undertaken have highlighted a sectoral lack of knowledge amongst mortgage brokers in relation to the full extent of their responsibilities under the Acts". The Commissioner also asserted that "it is the intention of this Office that the programme of random inspections of mortgage brokers which we have already commenced, in terms of compliance with their data protection requirements will continue".


The full text of the guidance note is here




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