Data Protection Commissioner

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Press Release - Unofficial Registration Services

The Data Protection Commissioner today issued a warning to companies receiving mailings from a UK company calling itself "Data Protection Act Registration Service". Many Irish companies have been receiving the mailings, which urge companies to visit a bogus website, and to register under the Data Protection Act.
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Press Release - Privacy Rights must not be Taken for Granted

“The privacy rights of citizens and consumers cannot be taken for granted”, said Data Protection Commissioner, Mr Joe Meade, today at the launch of his 2001 Annual Report. Mr Meade issued a stern note of warning in response to a number of investigations which he carried out in 2001 into some of Ireland's largest companies – including Ryanair, MBNA, and prominent legal firms. “I intend to use my full powers against any organisations which abuse people's trust and which invade their privacy”, said Mr Meade at the launch.
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