Data Protection Commissioner

1.14  I have received a toll notice from Eflow, how did they obtain my details?

In relation to the M50 Barrier Free Tolling Scheme and the access by a private entity to official vehicle ownership data, we have established that an appropriate legislative basis exists for such access by the NRA (under the provisions of the relevant Roads Acts (Section 64A(1) of the Roads Act 1993 as inserted by the Roads Act 2007)).  The M50 operator (eFlow) is acting under the aegis of the NRA in this matter and subject to stringent contracts between both entities; it would be entitled to access the information in certain limited circumstances under that legislation.

Because there is a legal basis for the access by the NRA and its agent to this official data for toll collection purposes, the provisions of the data protection Acts in relation to the sharing of this data are set aside.

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