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Registry Details for 'Sentry Consulting Ltd t/a Datascan'

Company Name: Sentry Consulting Ltd t/a Datascan
Ref Number: 11266/A
Reg Type: DP
Company Address: Unit 3C North City Business Park Finglas Dublin 11
Contact: OrlaCafferty
Purpose: Datascan is a specialist data capture & document services company. We capture returns data for the print publishing industry. We process data in the form of barcodes for the purpose of giving credit back to newsagents for unsold newspapers and magazines. The information processed as part of this service is important but not of a personal nature.Datascan''s Document Services Division is involved in the processing and digital archiving of client documentation. This documentation could be of a personal and confidential nature. Datascan takes in hard copy business documentation, scan the documents using a high volume scanner and then return the hard copy documents and the file of document images to our customers. Client information will only be kept on Datascan site for the period in which Datascan is working on its records. These records can be financial, medical and personal records.
Continuation Due Date: 01/03/2019
Description: As part of our service to our clients, we process personal data for example - the scanning and archiving of payslips will contain personal payroll data such as date of birth, pps number, name address and so on. We also process Medical Data - including medical record files. The personal data processed by us will vary from client to client, but may include payroll data such as pps numbers, dates of birth, name, address and so on
Disclosees: Records management and archiving of documents on behalf of clients.Data relating to client documents will only be disclosed to the client''s nominated personnel. Client''s nominated personnel will be agreed in advance of Datascan taking on the contract for data processing.
Transfers Abroad: yes
Datascan may make use of a Cloud Hosting Service which will be located in Ireland and the European Union only