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Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'XS Direct Insurance Brokers Limited'

Company Name: XS Direct Insurance Brokers Limited
Ref Number: 10787/A
Reg Type: DP
Company Address: 1 Merrion Place Dublin 2.
Contact: DavidBolger
Purpose: a) We act as an Agent for insurance companies to underwrite and distribute personnal motor insurance in Ireland and the UK. Our agency agreement gives us delegated authority from the insurance company to underwrite and price the motor insurance policies and to settle all claims arising. b)We take online applications and proposals for insurance provided by third party insurers. c) Provision of non life insurance intermediary services. d) We store a permissioned database of email addresses which we intend to use for marketing our products. e) We provide insurance premium finance to facilitate customers purchasing their insurance products.
Continuation Due Date: 16/02/2018
Description: a)Underwriting and claims management authority of motor policies in Ireland and the UK with insurance companies under an agency agreement. --Name Address Age Details of insurance history Phone Vehicle registration number Other vehicle details Named driver details confirmation of no convictions and pysical health E-mail address Claims details of any claim and liability to third parties Details of any driving convictions, endorsements and Garda enquiries/investigations/prosecutions. --Procuring insurance from third party insurer and managing client relationship b)As above c)Provision of Insurance Premium finance. --Provision of Insurance Premium finance. d)Payment of insurance premiums. --Credit card or charge card details e)Direct Marketing of XS Direct services and products. --email address f)Human resources - Own staff. --Name Address Marital status Next of Kin Children Bank account sort code Bank account number.
Disclosees: All above Insurance Companies Reinsurance Companies Product Providers Claims Management Companies.
Transfers Abroad: County: UK, Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg.
Large claim information including personnal information. Large claims are reinsured by a panel of international reinsurance companies. In the event of a large claim details of the claim are passed onto the reinsurers claims department to settle. The data can consist of all information noted above.