Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Data Processor Application - Registration Form - Part 1

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1. Name and Address

If you are an individual or sole trader, give your surname and first name(s). A partnership should include the name of the firm and the names of each of the partners. Where the data processor is a company, the name of the company should be given, along with a trading name (if different) and the address should be that of the registered office. Persons other than companies should give the address of the principal place of business.

2. Nature of Data Processed

* A Please tick the sectors to which your clients belong:

* B Do you have a contract in place governing the use of the data for each of your clients?

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C State the countries or territories (if any) to which you transfer, or intend to transfer, personal data for processing directly or indirectly.

3. Compliance Person

Details of individual who will supervise the application of the Acts within your organisation in relation to the personal data with which this application for registration is concerned

This is the person to whom we will address all correspondence in connection with this application for registration.