Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Video Clip Competititon 2009 - Private I, Public Eye

A new video clip competition with a €10,000 prize fund was announced on 28 January 2009, to coincide with the 3rd Council of Europe Data Protection Day.   This competition is a joint collaboration with Google where entrants were asked to submit video clips on the theme of 'Private I, Public Eye'.  The winning entries were announced on 8 June 2009:

Prize winning entries for 2009 competition - 'Private i, Public Eye'


First prize         -


Second prize    -


Third prize         -


Video Clip Competition 2008 - Privacy In The 21st Century Competition

An innovative video clip competition on the theme of 'Privacy In The 21st Century' was launched on 28 January 2008 to coincide with the 2nd Council of Europe Data Protection Day.

Data Protection Commissioner, Billy Hawkes, has announced the winners of his Office's innovative 'Privacy In The 21st Century' competition at an event hosted by Google Ireland Ltd.  The competition attracted a particularly high standard of entries that provided a creative and entertaining look at a range of relevant privacy issues. 

The winning clips are also available to view at :

First prize      :

Second prize  :

Third prize     :


A gallery of all entries to both competitions can be viewed on this Offices YouTube channel :