The new DPC website is currently under construction. Our latest guidance in relation to GDPR, which comes into effect on 25th May, 2018, can be found at gdprandyou.ie and via pages on this website starting with "NEW" as per the navigation pane on the left. All other material on this site relates to the previous legislative regime under the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003 ("the Acts"). While the Acts may continue to apply in some circumstances, as of 25th May, 2018 the GDPR is the primary piece of legislation governing data protection.

Data Protection Commission

Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 (SI 279 of 2005)

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner complies with the Regulations on the Re-use of Public Sector Information and we encourage the re-use of the information that we produce.

All of the information featured on our website is the copyright of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner unless otherwise indicated. You may re-use the information on this website free of charge in any format.

Re-use includes copying, issuing copies to the public, publishing, broadcasting and translating into other languages. It also covers non-commercial research and study. Information and documents from this website may be re-used subject to the terms of the latest PSI licence available at www.psi.gov.ie .

Re-use is subject to the following conditions. You must:

  • Acknowledge the source and our copyright in cases where you supply the information to others;
  • Reproduce the information accurately;
  • Not use the information in a misleading way;
  • Not use the information for the principal purpose of advertising or promoting a particular product or service;
  • Not use the information for or in support of illegal, immoral, fraudulent, or dishonest purposes.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is not liable for any loss or liability associated with the re-use of information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the information on its website is accurate, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner does not certify that the information is up-to-date or error free. The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner does not authorise any user to have exclusive rights to re-use of its information.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner maintains the following information on its website:

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For further information on the re-use of information maintained by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner please contact:

Contact Details: Telephone: 057 - 868 4800

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