Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner


Eurodac is a central database for the comparison of fingerprints of asylum seekers. This is consistent with the Dublin Declaration of 1990 which seeks to address the manner in which applications for asylum are dealt with in Member States, in particular to identify persons who have made an application in another Member State, or whose application has been rejected by another Member State.. This will facilitate the identification of the State properly responsible for dealing with the application.

National Supervision

Council Regularion 2725/2000 which established Eurodac requires that a national supervisory authority exist in each Member State in order to monitor the operation of the system. The Data Protection Commissioner is the national supervisory authority for Ireland.

The fingerprinting of asylum seekers is undertaken by immigration officers of An Garda Síochána. However, the database is distinct from other Garda records and may only be used for the purposes of processing asylum applications or matching records from other member states.

The Second coordinated inspection report of the EURODAC Supervision Coordination Group can be found here.