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Data Protection Commission
Press Release 5 July, 2002

Warning - Unofficial Registration Services

The Data Protection Commissioner today issued a warning to companies receiving mailings from a UK company calling itself "Data Protection Act Registration Service". Many Irish companies have been receiving the mailings, which urge companies to visit a bogus website, and to register under the Data Protection Act.

The bogus website, which is similar to the Commissioner's official website address, provides inaccurate and unreliable information regarding registration requirements under the Data Protection Act. Even if a company is required to be registered, availing of the "service" would mean paying exorbitant fees, far higher than the official fee. The bogus website invites companies to download official-looking "application forms", on which the fees element has been doctored.

The Data Protection Commissioner, Mr Joe Meade, said: "I would like to make it clear that the body calling itself the 'Data Protection Act Registration Service' has no connection whatsoever with my office, or indeed with any official body. The information provided by this company about 'registration' or 'notification' in inaccurate and misleading. The fees charged by this company are much higher than the official registration fee. I would recommend any Irish company, which has queries about registration under the Data Protection Act, to ignore these mailings, and instead to visit my website at www.dataprivacy.ie, or to telephone my Office at (01) 874 8544."

The Commissioner added that the activities of the "Data Protection Act Registration Service" have now been referred to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, who are currently investigating the matter.

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