The new DPC website is currently under construction. Our latest guidance in relation to GDPR, which comes into effect on 25th May, 2018, can be found at gdprandyou.ie and via pages on this website starting with "NEW" as per the navigation pane on the left. All other material on this site relates to the previous legislative regime under the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003 ("the Acts"). While the Acts may continue to apply in some circumstances, as of 25th May, 2018 the GDPR is the primary piece of legislation governing data protection.

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Adobe PDF format Eleventh Annual of the Data Protection Commissioner 1999

Data protection law and practice are all about securing respect for the individual's right to private life. The right to private life has long been recognised in human rights charters such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, 1953. European data protection authorities are acutely conscious of the human rights origins of data protection, as can be seen from their comments in Appendix 5 on the recently mooted charter of fundamental rights in the European Union: “Inclusion of data protection among the fundamental rights of Europe would make such protection a legal requirement throughout the Union and reflect its increasing importance in the information society.”

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