Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Press Release - Commissioner welcomes doubling of funding for the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner 

27 January 2015
Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon is marking the Council of Europe’s 9th Data Protection Day by highlighting the recent allocation of additional resources to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. The effective doubling of the budget of the Office from €1.89 million in 2014 to €3.65 million was announced by the Irish Government in December.
Speaking on the eve of the Council of Europe’s 9th Data Protection Day Commissioner Dixon commented:
“The significant extra resources secured for the data protection regulator for 2015 will allow for the recruitment of additional expert staff to ensure that Ireland continues to administer a first-rate regulatory and enforcement regime for data protection. The next few years will be extremely challenging for data protection regulators across Europe as we prepare for pan-European cooperation under a proposed new General Data Protection Regulation. It is critical that the Office is fully equipped to play its part in regulating cross-border data flows and ensuring the fundamental right to data protection of all European data subjects is upheld. The additional resourcing will also allow the Data Protection Commissioner to establish an office and presence in Dublin to facilitate its work. ”