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Data Protection Commission


Data Protection Commissioner Publishes Annual Report

Portarlington and Dublin, 23 June 2015: The Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, Helen Dixon, is pleased to announce the publication of her first annual report, covering the calendar year 2014. The Data Protection Commissioner outlines her approach to data protection regulation in a foreword, describes the roles and responsibilities of her Office, and presents a detailed review of her Office’s work, together with statistics and case studies.

The Annual Report highlights:

  • A near-doubling of the Office’s 2015 budget from €1.8m to €3.65m, together with a rapid growth in headcount underway from 29 to 50, along with the establishment of a major office in Dublin
  • The importance of an engaged approach to data protection regulation
  • A record number of data breach notifications in 2014 (2,264)
  • A record number of queries via email (13,500)
  • 960 complaints, all but 27 of which were resolved amicably
  • New complaints about online search delisting
  • Details of engagement with government departments
  • Details of engagement with tech multinationals, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Adobe
  • Prosecutions undertaken in 2014, including significant work involving the private investigations sector
  • Campaign against Enforced Subject Access Requests

The report is published against a backdrop of growing public awareness of data-protection issues, recognition of data-protection as a priority among public sector organisations, and an increased role for the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland in terms of data-protection regulation across the European Union. 2014 saw the Data Protection Commissioner investigating queries and complaints around Personal Public Service Numbers and the Department of Education and Skills Primary Online Database, while also engaging with the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources around the proposed “Eircode” national postcode system.

Ms Dixon said: “2015 sees this Office in a stronger-than-ever position to continue, in Ireland and beyond, helping to shape the data-protection environment and ensuring compliance with the relevant laws. The nature of the internet means data protection is clearly a global matter, and I believe that meaningful cooperation and the free exchange of ideas are essential to making data protection work for everyone. I firmly believe in an engaged approach, to ensure that data-protection rights are upheld, while ensuring access to digital services that many enjoy and even rely upon. The expanded resources of my Office and geographic proximity to decision-makers in leading technology companies make us well-placed to regulate with the full efficacy that our stakeholders deserve.”

For media enquiries, please contact the Data Protection Commissioner press office on +353 (0)57 868 4800, or media@dataprotection.ie


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