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Data Protection Commission

Data Protection Commissioner Welcomes Successful Prosecution of
Yourtel Limited

The Data Protection Commissioner today welcomed the outcome of prosecution proceedings which concluded at the Dublin Metropolitan District Court and which were taken by her Office against Yourtel Limited, a telecommunications company.

Yourtel Limited pleaded guilty to 2 charges of making unsolicited marketing telephone calls to individuals who had previously requested that the company not call them again. The company was convicted on both counts and was fined €2,500 for each, a total of €5000.

The defendant agreed to cover all costs incurred by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in bringing prosecutions.

The Court heard evidence in the case from Mr. Tony Delaney, Assistant Commissioner, Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Speaking after today's proceedings Data Protection Commissioner, Ms. Helen Dixon, said,

"Today's proceedings represent another successful prosecution brought by the Data Protection Office for electronic marketing offences. While the number of complaints from individuals regarding breaches of the marketing regulations has started to decrease, it is clear there are still offenders - companies like Yourtel Limited - flouting the law by breaching the privacy rights of individuals. My Office remains committed to pursuing these organisations."


21 January 2016


Data Protection – your fundamental right to privacy

The role and functions of the Data Protection Commissioner are as set out in the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.

The Commissioner is responsible for upholding the rights of individuals as data subjects and enforcing the relevant obligations upon data controllers. Appointed by Government, the Commissioner is independent in the exercise of his or her functions. Individuals who feel their rights are being infringed can complain to the Commissioner, who will investigate the matter, and take whatever steps may be necessary to resolve it.

The Office was first established in 1989 in Dublin, relocated to Portarlington, Co Laois in 2005 under a government decentralisation programme, and now operates from two locations.

A Government Decision at the end of 2014 enabled the Commissioner to open her Dublin Office, which is temporarily located at Harcourt Road in Dublin and will move to a permanent location in 2016.

The doubling of the Office's budget to €3.65m for 2015 facilitated the recruitment to date of new staff including legal, technical, audit and communications specialists as well as policy and administrative staff. A number of the existing specialists in the legal, technology, investigations and audit roles continue to be based in Portarlington, along with policy and administrative teams. The headcount of the Office now stands at 50.

The further funding of over €1.1m allocated in Budget 2016 will allow for additional recruitment of specialists throughout the coming year, continuing to increase resources for the various functions of the Office including awareness, investigations, audits and compliance-related matters.