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Data Protection Commission

Private I, Public Eye

On the occasion of the 3rd Council of Europe Data Protection Day on the 28 January 2009, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, in association with Google is launching an online video clip competition which will be hosted on www.youtube.com/dataprotection.

The aim of the competition is to source original, creative and most importantly educational entries illustrating how people can take more control over their personal information and the consequences of not taking steps to protect their personal information.  

There is a total prize fund of €10,000 for the competition which will be split among the winning entries, this includes €5,000 for the winning entry.

Entrants are asked to consider what privacy means to them in an online or offline context.  What values or attitudes do people attach to the privacy of their personal information and how can each person exercise more control of their own information?

Anyone aged 13 and over is invited to participate in the competition which will be hosted on YouTube.  Individual or group entries will be accepted.  To enter the competition, you must submit a video clip on the theme of 'Private I / Public Eye' as a video response to the call for entries video on www.youtube.com/dataprotection.  All entries will be screened before being accepted to ensure that the entry does not contain inappropriate content or language as it is anticipated that winning entries will be used in an educational context.

How to enter :

  • Winning entries will be required to provide a video DVD clip along with contact details (designated contact person, email address and telephone number).

  • The closing date for receipt of entries is 30 April 2009

  • For data protection queries, please email competition@dataprotection.ie with 'competition' in the subject header.



  • The judging panel will consist of 3 members;
    • A representative from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
    • A representative from Google
    • An independent judge


  • The following criteria will be considered during the judging process;


    • Demonstration of theme
    • Educational value
    • Entertainment value


  • Shortlisting may apply



  • The video clip must be original content created for this competition and must not have been submitted to any other competition in the past.

  • The competition is open to individuals and groups aged 13 years or over

  • By entering this competition, you give your permission for the organisers to contact you regarding the entry, promote, publicise and broadcast your content and to post the entry on www.dataprotection.ie

  • For group entries, a designated contact person must be clearly identified when submitting an entry.  This can be done by sending a 'message' through the YouTube channel with the name of the video clip submitted along with the name of the designated contact person.

  • Video clips must be submitted in the following file formats only:
    • .avi
    • .mov
    • .mpg
    • .wmv
  • Video clips should be no longer than 5 minutes duration.

  • To allow for judging, entries are welcome in Irish or English language only

  • Before a clip is submitted, consent must be obtained from any person appearing in the video clip and all persons must be aware that the clip will be publicly available on the internet.  It is the responsibility of the entrant (or the designated contact person for group entries) to ensure that appropriate consent has been obtained.

  • Entries will be screened before being accepted.  Any clip that is deemed offensive, contains inappropriate language or gratuitous violence will not be accepted to the competition.  It is important to remember that it is anticipated that winning entries will be used in an educational context.

  • Entries should not contain any copyrighted video, audio or characters without the appropriate permission or clearance.  The onus is on the entrant (or the designated contact person for group entries) to secure appropriate permission or clearance.

  • No corporate logos should appear in the video clip (this includes on clothing of persons appearing in the clip or backgrounds displaying corporate logos).

  • In the case where a group (or school / educational institute) submit the winning entry, the prize will be awarded to the person selected as the 'designated contact person' for the entry who is solely responsible for the further reallocation of prize funds.

  • Employees of sponsors / organisers are precluded from entering this competition

  • The judges decision is final