Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

 GPEN Sweep - Internet of Things (IOT)


A Sweep of how Internet of Things (IoT) devices use personal data, and how users are kept informed, is being undertaken this week by 29 data protection authorities around the world.

In Ireland, the review will involve an in-depth look at IoT devices available to users in this jurisdiction such as smart electricity meters, fitness trackers and telematics, and consider how well companies communicate privacy matters to their customers.

The combined results of the Sweep will be published in September. Authorities will also consider action against any devices or services that are found to be breaking data protection laws.

The work is coordinated by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) and follows previous reports on online services for children, website privacy policies and mobile phone apps. GPEN is an informal network of data protection agencies from around the globe. Its aim is to foster cross-border cooperation among privacy regulators in an increasingly global market in which commerce and consumer activity relies on the seamless flow of personal information across borders. Its members seek to work together to strengthen personal privacy protections in this global context. For more about the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, please click on the following link: