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Data Protection Commission

Data Protection Commissioner welcomes significant €4 million Budget 2018 funding increase

· Total 2018 funding increased by €4 million to almost €11.7 million
· Additional funding critical to readying the Data Protection Commissioner’s office for enhanced EU role and responsibilities arising from the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018
· 2018 funding will allow for further significant recruitment of approximately 40 staff, GDPR awareness raising initiatives and new online web services for organisations and individuals

11th October 2017

Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) Helen Dixon, has today welcomed the additional funding of €4 million for her office, announced by the Government in Budget 2018. The increase in funding for 2018 brings the total funding allocation for the Data Protection Commissioner to almost €11.7 million.

The 2018 funding allocation represents a 55% increase on the 2017 allocation and a six-fold increase on the €1.9 million provided to the Data Protection Commissioner in 2014.

Welcoming the budget increase, Helen Dixon stated, “The Government’s continuting commitment to meeting the funding requirements of the Irish data protection authority is a clear recognition that 2018 will mark a transformative step-change in data protection regulation in the European Union, strengthening the data privacy rights of individuals and placing increased compliance and accountability obligations on organisations processing personal data.

The coming into effect of the GDPR on 25th May 2018, will place considerable additional functions and responsibilities on the DPC as the national supervisory authority for regulating the proper application of the new law. The operational demands, including deeper cooperation with other EU data protection authorities and the new European Data Protection Board, and the legal complexity of issues dealt with is anticipated to give rise to an unprecedented increase in the workload of the DPC.

In particular, the DPC will take on an increasingly leading role in the regulation of the personal data processing activities in Europe of most of the world’s top internet technology multinationals, given that many of these multinationals have located their EU headquarters in Ireland. This underscores the imperative of having a well-funded, independent and internationally respected data protection regulator; a central feature of a stable and effective data protection regulatory environment that facilitates sustainable growth of the digital economy while protecting the data privacy rights of individuals. Further, the supervision of personal data processing by governments is the focus of increased activity on the part of data protection authorities across Europe as the drive to digital public services gives rise to bigger datasets and demands for greater sharing of data to drive efficiencies.

The 2018 budget increase is therefore hugely positive and critical to preparations for our enhanced and increasingly globally prominent regulatory role. As the DPC continues to prepare for the GDPR we will continue to invest heavily in building our capacity and expertise to administer our new enforcement powers and all of our additional responsibilities under the new law.”

The 2018 funding increase will allow for recruitment of approximately a further 40 staffing, bringing total staff numbers to around 130. The additional funding will also facilitate the rollout of further GDPR awareness raising initiatives, with a special focus on small and medium sized enterprises, as well as the development of a new case management system and online web services for organisations and individuals interacting with the DPC.


Note for Editors:

Data Protection Commissioner annual funding allocation 2014 – 2018

2018 – €11.67 million
2017 – €7.5 million
2016 – €4.7 million
2015 – €3.6 million
2014 – €1.9 million