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Data Protection Commissioner

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14. Biometrics

14.1 Can I introduce biometrics in my workplace? Can I introduce biometrics in my school / college?

Extensive guidance is available on our website in relation to the steps to be considered prior to the introduction of a biometric attendance system in the workplace or in schools/colleges.  The recommended approach is for employers/schools/colleges to consider their particular need for a system and then to assess the privacy impact of different systems.  The processing of biometric information in the context of these systems needs to be considered fully before it is introduced.  Except in unusual circumstances any employee or student who objects to using such a system should be allowed to use an alternative system which does not involve processing of biometric information.  It is the use of a system by an employer that may be a data protection concern, not necessarily the production or sale of a system. All situations must be judged on a case-by-case basis.

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