Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Advance Home Control Ltd T/A AHC Networks'

Company Name: Advance Home Control Ltd T/A AHC Networks
Ref Number: 9912/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Carrig Rua Enniskeane Co. Cork
Contact: AineHales
Purpose: Internet service provider: Personal data kept for administration purposes of contracts and invoicing; also for customer service purposes.
Continuation Due Date: 15/08/2018
Description: Contract form- details of which are subsequently entered into database: Name, address, email address, telephone number, mobile number, bank account details, IP address, VAT no., date of account initiation, usage plan details.
Disclosees: Bank Details: Disclosed only to customers bank in order to set up direct debit.
Transfers Abroad: NA