Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'IBI Corporate Finance Ltd'

Company Name: IBI Corporate Finance Ltd
Ref Number: 9215/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: 2 Burlington Plaza Burlington Road Dublin 4
Contact: Office Manager
Purpose: (a) Provision of corporate finance advisory services; (b) Marketing activities regarding corporate finance advisory services; (c) Management and administration of the Company''s legal affairs, property management, procurement services, including management of supplier services, payment of invoices, including staff expenses, awards and other payments, credit risk management including arrears/debt collection, compliance & operational risk management, data management, strategic planning, project management, management information systems development & testing, auditing, security management; (d) Personal data of past, current and prospective employees is kept to enable the Company to provide a wide range of human resource-related services and activities and properly discharge its duties re same including recruitment, resource management, payments and benefits and insurance claims
Continuation Due Date: 28/12/2018
(a) &
(b) All necessary data to provide services and marketing activities including: copies of identification documentation, contact details, application processing and administration records, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, financial details/circumstances, bank account details, billing and invoicing details, transaction details, authorised signatories' details, marketing information including marketing preferences/contact consent, CCTV images, any associated information required to manage potential, existing and past customer relationships
(c) &
(d) Employee HR records, assessment and recruitment, graduate training and development, interview notes, CVs, letters of application and aptitude test results from successful/unsuccessful candidates, personal details records, ID documents and pre-employment check records, education and training details including education qualifications/refunds and awards, subscriptions/memberships of professional bodies/sporting and other clubs, union subscriptions, registers of conflicts of interest, registers of gifts/entertainment received, PRSI & tax details, expenses claimed, bank account/transaction details, medical records, health insurance details, remuneration package, including terms & conditions of employment, payroll records, pensions data, employee stock schemes, performance management information, personal development reports, grievance and disciplinary information, industrial relations-related information. HR systems development and maintenance and any associated information required to manage the HR function, details obtained for compliance with the Fit and Proper and Minimum Competency requirements under relevant legislation.
Disclosees: (a) & (b) Intermediaries, brokers, business partners, joint ventures, archiving services suppliers, contractors (e.g. software development contractors, data processors, computer maintenance contractors, printing companies, property contractors, document storage and destruction companies), consultants and advisors, marketing & market research companies, customer agents as required to provide customer services, statutory and regulatory bodies in all jurisdictions where the company does business, Government agencies including relevant authorities in connection with wrong-doing/offences (e.g. Garda, Revenue Commissioners etc.), including action taken on foot of mutual assistance orders, US, EU and other designated authorities in connection with combating financial and other serious crimes, other service providers necessary to support the organisation in the services listed, NAMA and its agents or other parties designated by or agreed with NAMA or designated under the relevant legislation(c) & (d) Third parties/agents or agents of clients to assist in the administration, processing and management of certain activities pertaining to past, current and prospective time periods, individuals or companies employed to carry out specific/specialised services, functions or consultancy work, including external reference agencies and other financial institutions, past, present and prospective employers of data subjects, relatives/guardians/legal representatives of data subjects, regulatory bodies to whom the Company is obliged or required to disclose information, including the Labour Relations Commission and the Employment Appeals Tribunal, insurance companies and other health insurance/insurance providers, trade unions, insurance/assurance companies/brokers, legal and medical practitioners, relevant government departments & agencies, other support service providers necessary to support the organisation in the services listed
Transfers Abroad: Yes (a) & (b) Any country worldwide with the client''s/potential client''s authority and/or appropriate contact - client''s/potential client''s contact details (name, address, telephone number, email address) - provision of corporate finance finance ad