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Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Beacon Care Fertility'

Company Name: Beacon Care Fertility
Ref Number: 12591/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Level 2, Beacon Consultans Concourse Beacon Court Sandyford Dublin 18
Contact: SiobhanLinden
Purpose: The Beacon CARE Fertility clinic is a state of the art IVF clinic. For the first time patients in Ireland have access to world leading fertility treatment and screening procedures at one of the country''s leading medical centres in Sandyford, Dublin. Beacon Care Fertility provides the full spectrum of assisted conception technologies including the latest cutting edge treatments not widely available elsewhere in Ireland, such as pre-implantation Genetic Screening.
Continuation Due Date: 31/01/2019
Description: Beacon Care Fertility maintains medical records within the facility. These medical records contain all of the patients details (name, DOB, address etc) and also have a full list of the patients medical history.
Disclosees: All staff have access to the medical records. Each staff member is given secure passwords and usernames to gain access.All staff with access to patient data, have secure usernames and passwords to ensure utmost confidentiality of records.
Transfers Abroad: Yes EnglandBeacon CARE Fertility is part of the CARE Fertility Group which also has fertility clinics in England. It is anticipated that the transfer of patients medical records may be required in cases where a Beacon CARE Fertility patient also attends