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Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Dr. Lisa Creaven'

Company Name: Dr. Lisa Creaven
Ref Number: 12202/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Quaydental 12 Walshe's Terrace Woodquay Headford Road Co. Galway
Contact: LisaCreaven
Purpose: General Dental practice for adults and children
Continuation Due Date: 11/05/2018
Description: Name, address, date of birth, email addres, phone number, medical card number, pps number, medical history, treatment details
Disclosees: Dr Lisa Creaven, Sinead Wynne, Aishling Hynes, Aoife Healy, Venessa Creaven, Eliana Fusco, Sadhbh Gilroy ,Claire Delaney, Alma Creaven, Roisin McQUinn
Transfers Abroad: NA