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Registry Details for 'Atradius Reinsurance Limited'

Company Name: Atradius Reinsurance Limited
Ref Number: 11330/A
Reg Type: DC+DP
Company Address: 2nd Floor La Touche House IFSC Dublin 1
Contact: Lesley Martin
Purpose: Reinsurance - the only personal data we keep on file are HR details
Continuation Due Date: 28/04/2014
Description: HR Details Individual HR files - with name, address, date of birth, staff ID number, Pension Details Payroll Files - with name/address/date of birth, staff ID, payslips
Disclosees: HR Details Chief Operating Officer of Atradius Reinsurance Limited Atradius Group HR Cardiff Payroll Administrator - Northgate Arinso Pension Administrator - Watson Wyatt
Transfers Abroad: None.

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