Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Airspeed Communications Ltd (Airspeed Telecom)'

Company Name: Airspeed Communications Ltd (Airspeed Telecom)
Ref Number: 10079/A
Reg Type: DC+DP
Company Address: 15c Magna Drive Magna Business ParkBeaufort Citywest Dublin 24
Contact: LiamO' Kelly
Purpose: (a) Provision of Internet Services to business (b) Provision of leased line services to business.
Continuation Due Date: 07/04/2018
(a) Customer account administration and billing - Name, address, customer a/c number, service details (voice service, data service, internet service) email addresses, associated with this a/c number, IP address, mac address, username, password, co. registration no, vat no, phone no, discount package/options, date of account initiation, billing method, bank account details,
(b) E-mail Service - email addresses, senders, headers (subject text) email sizes and attachment sizes, dates of transmission.
(c) Other internet services - None
Disclosees: Other Applications - none
Transfers Abroad: n/a